Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Breezy Fun Day in Pantai Babo

The sun was peeking through the spaces formed by the series of coconut tree leaves. The grayish sand met the waves of the sea. People ran happily, built their own castles by the sea. The fresh green of trees faded into dark blue as the distance become further. Three islets invited us to come into them. The meeting of the skies of blue and the teal sea? OOTD pictures we did!

Pantai Babo, let me mention it that way because "Babo Beach" doesn't sound good to me. It's located on the edge of the Sulawesi main road (the road that passes provinces in Sulawesi). It's one of many favorites beach in Bolaang Mongondow Raya with the soft sand and medium waves, which is perfect for family and regular swimming. Well, it's jumping in the water in my case because I can't swim.

Despite the fame, the beach was not really crowded, because as I mention before, there are many choices of beaches in Bolaang Mongondow. It made us easy to find a spot for rest and having a meal.

By the way, you don't need much money to enter the beach area because it's so cheap (I forgot though). They set the tariff for the vehicle. So, you can bring as many people as you can in a car and you'll be charged the same as if you bring a car with only you in the car. For meals, there were some canteens served young coconut ice (es degan) and foods but I didn't know the price (and menus) because my family always bring meals anywhere, whenever we go far distance. Yes, thrifty we are. I still bought 'bakso tusuk' though.

The facilities were quite complete. We could pray in a musholla for free, find some toilets, and take a bath easily.

Somebody please teach me how to wink
What I love here was the weather. I came at 12 pm and although it's hot, the sun didn't jab me hard like it does in Surabaya (and some big cities). And it's suitable for sunnies OOTD ;)

Well, you'll need to run fast on the sand which is not covered by coconut trees (between the sea and higher land) because it's so damn hot. You don't wear sandals in the sea, right?

I share this like many tourists will come, but I think it's actually not haha. I just want to share a local holiday destination. It must be good if you share yours too, guys. Tell me if you do!




Wednesday, July 5, 2017

One (Plus One) Days in Villa Indah Mooat

Syawal is a special month as we celebrate Idul Fitri on the first day of the month. It is when Indonesians do 'mudik' and gather with their big family. In recent years, Eid holiday came together with the school holiday, which means a super long holiday.

This year I went to my home in Kotamobagu. And here are the back-to-nature vacation my family and I started to do two days after eid.

I actually went to three places, but only had the documents of two of them. The first place was Villa Indah Mooat near the Mooat Lake. It's a private-owner villa but have been a pre-wedding photoshoot location since so long. Not a long time ago, it is opened for everyone who wants to come in and enjoy the good panorama from the beautiful garden they have. And the news about this place boomed here and there on my social media and chat groups. 

You're charged Rp5.000 per person. You'll pay Rp10.000 for parking your car and Rp5.000 for motorcycle. You even can rent some Korean costumes (not original, of course) that they provide. They sell some snacks and beverages but I don't know the price since I wasn't even thirsty. You'll not spend a long time here (except if you're doing a serious photoshoot), because the area is not so big and you'll just take some photos, no other activities. So, I don't think buying snacks and drinks are really necessary.

As the visitors increased, the villa was decorated with the mainstream umbrellas hanging above us. I knew there wasn't umbrella before (even when this is my first coming here) because, as I said before, this place is recently so famous in social media.

A day after my first coming with my family, I came here again with my elementary school friends. I didn't know if I could call it a reunion because it's just five of us and all we do were taking photos! LOL



Friday, June 23, 2017

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017: GREYZONE

Well, I know it's the end of June already, but it won't stop me from posting about an event held in May. May is actually an exciting month because there are some sort of events held in Surabaya for the city's birthday celebration. Between all the events, Surabaya Fashion Parade is the one I don't want to miss since last year.

Alhamdulillah, I got invitations for two shows this year in Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017. The first show I came to was presented by Fashion Design students of UNESA. Themed "Greyzone", there were 4 collections made by the final year students.

Funtastic Force
Red, yellow, and green. Those three colors welcomed the audience when the show began. The silhouettes were simple. The explorations were more in the geometrical play applied in the clothings. Patterns were also used in this collection.

The Murk
As the collection's name was The Murk, dark colors like navy blue and grey were the dominant colors of the collection. The dark-colored daily wear collection was spiced up by the hexagon patterns applied both in repetition through pattern or accents; and individual way through the accessories.

The name gave me a glimpse of the collection's goal, which was to show the anti-mainstream basic. The basic that's not so basic. Neutral colors were all that I saw in this collection. Shades of brown, grey, and white were used. I love this collection, because with its simplicity in color and pattern, I could see clearly the uniqueness of the cutting. I really love unique cutting.

With all the hijab fashion items shown in this collection, its eastern name didn't surprise us. Grey is the basic color of this collection, matched with the freshness of blue and the shine of egg-yolk-like yellow. I don't have a deep knowledge in fashion, but I guess I saw A-silhouette all over the collection. Pleats and layering style were mostly applied in this collection.



*shoutout to bae who took the photos of Zameena collection. I bet you see the difference, huh? I need to improve my photography skill, I wanna cry T.T

Friday, June 16, 2017

3 Things Indonesian Do During Ramadhan

Ramadhan is a holy month out of twelve other months of Hijriyah. It's a holy month because Muslim is supposed to do fasting every day in the month. Muslim is promised with a great reward for every good deed that's done in the month. Usually, people set some targets in their worship, like finishing reading a whole of the holy Quran and rousing the sunnah prayers.

However, besides the main things people do during Ramadhan, there are some cultures happen among Indonesian Muslim. Actually, the cultures may differ every region but generally, these are four of them:

Sahur On The Road (SOTR)
Ramadhan is all about sharing and togetherness. Some communities usually do SOTR in Ramadhan by giving people some food for suhoor. Having suhoor together, besides to get close to the society, is also to strengthen the connection in the community. I've personally never had this experience yet. Have any of you experienced it in Ramadhan?

Breaking the Fast (Iftar) Together
As Ramadhan is about togetherness, breaking the fast together seems like a mandatory activity. This event can be based on the alumnae of school and college, students from the same hometown, community members, or as little as BFFs.

While I was in senior high school, the intensity of this event is dense. We had iftar with the students from the same region today, tomorrow was with the foster sisters, the day after was with classmates and even ex-classmates. Sometimes, we cooked together too. Despite the intricacy, togetherness like this during Ramadhan is always be hoped for.

My iftar event with the alumnae of Insan Cendekia in Surabaya

Buying New Clothes
It's sale and promo everywhere! The modern shopping centers and traditional markets are crowded. The closer to Eid, the more crowded they can be. In my town in Kotamobagu, there is a temporary market called "Pasar Senggol" every Ramadhan. "Pasar" means market and "senggol" means nudge. Named Pasar Senggol because people tend to nudge each other in the market with the crowd.

I often go to my hometown during Ramadhan and actually, I'm not into the clothes sold here. They're not really good and the prices are not worth it. I sometimes buy the Eid clothes earlier in Surabaya before going home. Thanks to the internet, I can buy good Muslim clothes online even when I'm already in Kotamobagu. Moreover, I can shop by brands or category. I even can do window shopping by browsing all collections on the online store. Some of them are provided with the applications so we can do mobile shopping. What an easy way.

Well, those are the general things Indonesian do during Ramadhan. Would you mind to share the culture in your region that happens during Ramadhan? Comment down below!



Sunday, June 4, 2017

Recent Favorite: My Neighbor Charles

It's some weeks ago when I saw my friend's IG story, telling that she was currently watching a Korean TV show "My Neighbor Charles". Most of her stories gave me a thought that My Neighbor Charles tries to show people how Muslims, as the minority, live in Korea.

Last week, I remembered the IG stories and tried to search it on YouTube. Thanks to my uni's wifi and YouTube's save offline feature (I can even enjoy the cc subtitles), I could watch some episodes of My Neighbor Charles comfortably in my bedroom.

Apperantly, it's not the show about how Muslims in Korea. My Neighbor Charles shows us how foreigners live in Korea. It's not just some days, a week, or two weeks staying in an Airbnb house to enjoy the famous country. The foreigners are about to live in Korea in a long term. Some are immigrants, many of them came because of marriage, and there's also a story with religious reason.

The fact that the TV show is not as I expected was good because it gives me more knowledge than I thought it would. Of course, it wants to show us that people are different. Different culture means different perception, different attitude, different taste, and different everything. We need to respect to each other's. And I don't know whether it is because I'm in a state where I want to learn about relationship and parenting so badly or not, I learn some things about them too. Well, I'm a little bit confused which type of parenting I should choose in the future, but at least I realized that how Western educate children is different with Asian.

The most important thing: Language is a hindrance yet a help. Koreans don't speak English, which makes it difficult for foreigners to communicate with native Koreans. A woman can't even speak properly to her mother-in-law and discuss things about her child. Because it's a hindrance, language is also a help if we can master it. Doesn't it make you want to learn some languages of the country where the natives don't speak other than theirs? (like Korean, France, or Japan).

Well, it does for me.

Anyone has watched this too?

I'm still continuing to watch more episodes of the TV show.



*This post is written when I got asleep hardly after watching some episodes of it

Friday, March 10, 2017

Cerita Zetizen Editor's Choice

Hai, Pals! Apa kabar?

Sesuai janjiku minggu lalu, kali ini aku akan bercerita tentang apa saja yang dilakukan oleh Zetizen Editor's Choice, yang merupakan kelanjutan dari Zetizen Summer Class Internship.

Ada beberapa orang yang terpilih untuk lanjut mengerjakan proyek fashion editorial di Zetizen. Beberapa orang tersebut dibagi menjadi 2 kelompok dengan susunan yang sama seperti kemarin, yaitu terdiri dari fashion stylist, model, make-up artist, fotografer, dan videografer. Kali ini, aku tidak masuk dalam salah satu kelompok, tetapi benar-benar mengikuti proses dari kedua kelompok.

Apa sih, bedanya dengan proyek yang terdahulu? Untuk proyek ini, karya kami berhak dimuat di halaman Zetizen di koran Jawa Pos. Terbayang kan betapa excited-nya kami membayangkan punya satu halaman koran yang berisi karya kami sendiri?

Fendi - Mas dari Zetizen - Vanessa - Aku - Mbak Indri - Salman - Puput - Stanley - Karina Oktavia - Angie

Oke, aku akan mulai cerita langkah-langkah yang kita jalani ya...

Langkah #1 Group Meeting
Saat meeting, diputuskan fashion item apa saja yang dibutuhkan, make up seperti apa yang diinginkan, lokasi pemotretan, dan sebagainya. Walaupun komunikasi kelompok di grup Line tetap berjalan, rapat secara tatap muka adalah sebuah keharusan. Setiap kelompok wajib melakukan asistensi dengan Mbak Indri (fashion editor Zetizen) mengenai konsep yang akan diangkat beserta segala rinciannya. Mengapa? Karena proyek ini akan diterbitkan di koran, tentunya peminjaman wardrobe dan fasilitas pemotretan apapun semuanya dibantu oleh pihak Zetizen. Selain bagus-tidaknya konsep yang diusung, Mbak Indri juga memastikan semua wardrobe yang dipinjam memang bisa ditampilkan. Kalau tidak, pihak brand pasti akan komplain dan tentunya nama Zetizen dan Jawa Pos yang akan terkena dampaknya.

Oh iya, untuk konsep sendiri, kelompok 1 mengusung tema Kemerdekaan Indonesia dan diterbitkan pada bulan Agustus 2016 menjelang Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia. Dua bulan setelahnya yaitu bulan Oktober, hasil karya kelompok 2 terbit dengan tema 70's Street Style. Untuk waktu sendiri, memang tidak ada batasan yang ketat dari pihak Zetizen, asalkan tidak berjarak terlalu lama setelah libur lebaran.

Robbi - Wardah - Cindy - Zetta - Zalfa - Vito

Langkah #2 Wardrobe Hunting
Buat kamu yang sudah pernah menonton film Devils Wear Prada, kamu pasti nonton adegan di mana pemeran utamanya bolak-balik meminjam, mendata, dan mengembalikan setumpukan baju dan aksesoris ke toko atau butik. Ya, kira-kira seperti itulah langkah ini. It's a dream scene of my future life anyway. Nah, yang banyak bekerja di proses ini adalah fashion stylist, yang tentunya didampingi Mbak Indri tercinta. Tapi jangan salah ya, nggak semua kebutuhan kita bisa terpenuhi dari brand sponsor. Kreatifitas kita untuk mendapat wardrobe juga diperlukan. Misalnya kelompok dengan tema Kemerdekaan Indonesia, yang berkreasi membuat atasan dari karung goni. Atau kelompok kedua yang harus tetap memakai wardrobe pribadi, karena produk dari brand online yang kurang sesuai ekspektasi. Intinya, sumber wardrobe itu bisa dari mana saja, kok. Meminjam wardrobe dari sponsor juga tidak mudah, karena regulasi yang berbeda dari setiap brand, misalnya mengenai waktu keluar dan masuknya barang dari toko.

Karya kelompok 2 70's Street Style

Langkah #3 Photoshoot
Hari yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh semuanya. Sesi pemotretan selalu dimulai dengan mendandani para model. Sebelum menuju lokasi, baik di markas Zetizen atau di Sekolah Make Up, para model didandani oleh make up artist dibantu oleh make up artist profesional dari Sekolah Make Up. Aku yang sejak awal berperan sebagai pengamat dan pembantu umum ikut membantu menyiapkan wardrobe, seperti nge-steam pakaian serta melapisi bagian bawah sepatu dengan kertas super tebal dan perekat agar tidak lecet. Semua wardrobe ini adalah barang baru dan harus dikembalikan tanpa lecet sedikit pun, lho. Terbayang bagaimana besarnya tanggung jawab kita kalau kebetulan yang dipinjam adalah jaket atau heels yang harganya jutaan?

Nah, kalau semua sudah siap, berangkatlah seluruh tim ke lokasi pemotretan. Fotografer dan videografer pun menjalankan tugas utamanya dengan arahan fashion stylist. Fashion stylist memang memegang peran yang besar, karena ia yang menjalankan semua konsep yang sudah dirancang. Make up artist bertugas melakukan touch-up jika wajah model mulai berminyak atau lipstik sudah mulai tidak on. Aku? Terus mengamati dan menangkap feel yang ingin diciptakan oleh fashion stylist agar nanti narasinya pun tidak 'lari'. Sekaligus menjadi pembantu umum tentunya.

Oh iya, sebaiknya melakukan survey lokasi sebelum hari H photoshoot. Kalau tidak, banyak waktu yang akan terbuang untuk menentukan titik photoshoot yang pas saat hari pemotretan tiba. Time efficiency is a must!

Karya kelompok 1 Kemerdekaan Indonesia

Langkah #4 Unseen Process After Photoshoot
Selesai proses photoshoot, perjuangan belum selesai, nih, terutama untuk fotografer, videografer, dan creative writer (atau fashion reporter). Pekerjaan fotografer adalah memilih foto-foto terbaik dari ratusan foto yang telah diambil dan mengirimkannya ke pihak Zetizen untuk nantinya akan di-layout sesuai ukuran koran yang akan dicetak. Videografer tentunya harus mengedit video-video yang telah diambilnya hingga apik serta siap disebarluaskan lewat YouTube dan media sosial lainnya.

Nah, fashion reporter bertugas menulis narasi yang sesuai dengan tema fashion editorial dan harus mengirimkannya ke editor. Seru lho, tiada mungkin tanpa revisi, hahaha. Tidak mudah sebenarnya menulis apa yang awalnya adalah pengetahuan dari fashion stylist, sebab pengetahuan kita akan fashion tentu berbeda. Mau nggak mau, aku harus mencari tahu tentang permainan-permainan di pesta kemerdekaan atau sejarah fashion 70-an. Kecuali mau membuat tulisan yang sekadar tulisan tidak berbobot dan tidak memberi pengetahuan baru kepada pembaca, seorang fashion reporter tidak boleh mengabaikan proses research ini.

Voila! Ini dia halaman Zetizen yang memuat karya fashion editorial kami...

Terjawab sudah pertanyaan di postingan sebelumnya
Kalau kamu penasaran dengan orang-orang yang terpilih untuk menjalankan proyek ini, di sini aku cantumkan akun Instagram mereka, ya
Fashion Stylist Vanessa Puput Robbi
Make up artist Salman Cindy
Fotografer Fendi Vito
Videografer Stanley Zalfa
Model Griselda

Oh iya, soal kenapa aku muncul dengan tulisan berbahasa Indonesia akan aku jawab, nih. Tidak mudah juga ternyata menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia yang nggak begitu resmi. Di sini kan aku menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia di sebuah rubrik yang fokus pada remaja. Sulit juga ternyata. Karena itulah, postingan kali ini aku mencoba menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia dan mengesampingkan idealisme bahwa blogku harus terlihat profesional dengan bahasa yang seragam. Maaf ya kalau agak aneh :"



Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ceritaku di Zetizen Summer Class Internship

Halo, Pals!

Rasanya udah lama banget nggak aktif ngeblog. Mungkin kalian bertanya-tanya kenapa aku tiba-tiba muncul dengan tulisan berbahasa Indonesia. Ini semua ada hubungannya dengan cerita yang akan aku bagi. Sesuai judulnya, kali ini aku akan bercerita tentang salah satu pengalaman paling berharga dan berkesan di hidupku (yak, mulai lebai). Pengalaman berharga itu adalah menjadi Zetizen Squad yang beruntung bisa mencicipi magang dan menggarap beberapa proyek di Zetizen Surabaya.

Kenapa berharga dan berkesan? Pertama, karena ini bidang yang aku damba-dambakan sejak lama dan aku kira tidak ada jalan, tetapi ternyata tiba-tiba ada jalan yang terbuka setelah gagal apply Cerita Kita-nya GoGirl!. Kedua, di sini aku banyak bekerjasama dengan anak SMA, karena rentang umurnya memang maksimal 20 tahun. Dan umurku saat itu 20 tahun lebih. Di situ aku jadi tahu kalau anak-anak SMA di Surabaya itu keren-keren banget. Aku hanya butiran debu. Tapi kalaupun kamu merasa terlambat, jangan mundur Guys kalau ada kesempatan. Apalagi masih memenuhi requirement nya. Kalaupun enggak tapi kamu super pengen banget dengan keinginan menggebu di dalam dada, hajar aja!

Wanna know more? Stay tune, ya!

Wah, gambar apa itu? Sebelum aku menjawab pertanyaan itu (yang mungkin sebenarnya sudah bisa ditebak), aku akan mencoba bercerita dengan urutan waktu. Jadi, jawaban tentang "gambar apa itu" akan muncul di bagian akhir.

Cerita ini bermula dari sebuah posting Instagram dan Official Line Zetizen. Saat itu, aku baru sadar kalau Zetizen ini dulunya bernama Deteksi, semacam salah satu rubrik (atau apa ya namanya) di media-media Jawa Pos Group yang fokusnya lebih kepada anak muda (SMA dan mahasiswa awal). Nah, saat itu menjelang puasa Ramadhan, terbitlah pengumuman program Zetizen Summer Class Internship. Aku yang saat itu seharusnya magang pun tergiur, sebab aku kurang tertarik magang di bidang arsitektur (yang untungnya nggak wajib). Singkat cerita, aku pun panik menerjemahkan salah satu postingan blogku yang ini ke bahasa Indonesia dan mengirimnya ke Zetizen sebagai portofolio untuk mendaftar sebagai creative writer. Setelah solat tarawih di suatu malam, aku iseng membuka website Zetizen karena was-was, dan ternyata namaku ada di daftar peserta magang sebagai creative writer. Sendirian :"

Oh iya, program ini baru pertama kali diadakan saat aku ikuti. Saat itu dibuka program Zetizen Summer Class Internship di dua kota, yaitu Jakarta dan Surabaya. Usut punya usut, program di Jakarta fokusnya ada pada penggarapan event, sedangkan program di Surabaya berfokus pada proyek fashion editorial. Which is why I was so interested and felt so lucky. Alhamdulillah.

Kamu akan sering muncul di koran lho
Kegiatan pun dimulai. Di awal pertemuan, kami dibagi menjadi 4 kelompok yang nantinya harus mengerjakan sebuah proyek fashion editorial. Setiap kelompok terdiri dari fashion stylist, model, make up artist, fotografer, dan videografer. Aku sendiri yang merupakan writer satu-satunya dimasukkan ke satu kelompok, namun tetap bertugas menulis narasi untuk proyek semua kelompok. Dan di sini, lagi-lagi aku bersyukur karena bisa mengikuti sesi pemotretan dari setiap kelompok.

Sebelum mengerjakan proyek kelompok, kami dibekali dengan berbagai keterampilan sesuai bidang yang kita minati. Para fashion stylist diajari cara membuat konsep untuk sebuah pemotretan fashion editorial melalui moodboard. Para model dilatih untuk bergaya di depan kamera dan harus bersedia datang di kelas make up artist untuk didandani. Fotografer dan videografer pun diajari teknik mengambil gambar. Aku sendiri mengikuti kelas fashion stylist dan juga diberi materi khusus tentang creative writing (khususnya fashion) oleh fashion editor Zetizen, mbak Indri.

Setelah presentasi kelompok -menceritakan konsep yang akan diusung di proyek fashion editorial kami-, tibalah sesi pemotretan. Kamu bisa melihat sesi pemotretan kita di halaman After School Zetizen. Tapi kalau kamu penasaran banget, ini dia beberapa hasil pemotretan dari semua kelompok.

Dari proyek fashion editorial ini, dibuat polling untuk memilih karya terfavorit. Selain itu, para editor Zetizen juga memilih anak-anak yang bisa melanjutkan perjalanan membuat fashion editorial yang 'beneran'.

Oh iya, kami semua peserta internship mendapat sertifikat keikutsertaan, lho. Sertifikat ini diberikan saat acara buka bersama Zetizen dengan siswa-siswi SMA di Hotel Luminor Surabaya. Di acara ini, diumumkan juga karya fashion editorial favorit dan intern pilihan editor (Editor's Choice). Acara ini seru banget. Selain bisa dapat makanan berbuka yang gratis, kami juga dikasih kaos Zetizen lho. (Ya, Wardah memang gratisvora)

Hmm, panjang juga ya. Sepertinya harus ada bagian kedua nih untuk proyek kami-kami yang terpilih menjadi Editor's Choice. Haha. See ya, Pals!


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