Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inspirations from Fashionpreneurs


Howdy, Ladies. What are you doing now? Are you studying or doing your job? What are you studying or what’s your job? I hope you’re successful with your studies or doing your job passionately or both.

I wanna know your opinions about jobs or professions for women. Are they allowed to have a job? ‘Cause some groups of people think that women will just end up being a housewife, taking care of her husband and children, cooking, and cleaning at home. But really, is it what Islam told us? That a woman can’t have a job or profession? I keep thinking that as long as she gets permission from her husband (for a wife) or her father and not coming home at late night, then having a job is allowed. And this article says so.

My teacher even told us (my friends and I) that a woman should have a profession as long as the profession doesn’t disturb the obligation. ‘Cause a woman should be independent. We don’t know what will happen in the future, so we should have a profession and know how to earn money for life. My teacher suggested us to have a profession that we can do at home. So, we can do our jobs and doing our house works too, which will be so hard perhaps. The profession could be a designer, tailor, entrepreneur, etc. Heard that suggestion, I’m motivated to be a designer, especially fashion (I’m studying architecture though). But realizing that I don’t have enough skill to be a fashion designer, I want to be an entrepreneur. I don’t know how to be a good entrepreneur, but I think selling and buying and business are skills all humans basically get and just need to be trained. As from 10 doors of livelihood, 9 are from trades.

So, yeah, my dream job is a fashionpreneur. Being an entrepreneur, who has a business in fashion. I’m actually interested in any job about fashion (include fashion stylist, fashion editor, fashion designer, etc.), but an entrepreneur is a profession I don’t need to have any certificate. Since I just learn fashion from internet and don’t get any certificate even if I browsed about fashion 24 hours a day.
Alhamdulillah nowadays, there are a lot of Muslimah who has their own business in fashion. Some took formal education in fashion and some didn’t. Both of them inspire me to be one of Muslim fashionpreneur in Indonesia and supporting for economy in Indonesia. The point is how much you can do efforts for reaching your dream.

inspiration from fashionpreneurs

I get a lot of inspirations from many Muslimah fashion designers. But currently, I like to learn from Ghaida Tsurayya, Ria Miranda, and Fitri Aulia.

I think I can learn a lot about how to be a fashionpreneur from Ghaida. Like me, she didn’t take Fashion major for her formal education, but Physics instead. Her life as a fashionpreneur begun after her marriage. Even before her marriage, she loves drawing clothes and wearing cute clothes. But unfortunately at that time, finding good Muslimah clothes is not as easy as nowadays. That’s why she had some of her clothes tailored. Knowing this, her husband motivated her to sell her creations. With the fund from the money people gave her for her wedding, she began selling her own product. She also took a sewing course to increase her knowledge in clothing. Now, she’s a famous Muslimah fashion designer in Indonesia. I love how she can do business from what she loves, and even doing da’wah too.

Like Ghaida, Ria Miranda was at first not taking Fashion major, but Economy instead. Although, she had a desire to study fashion until she finally took a formal education in Fashion after having her economy degree. She began her fashion business by selling her own design. With her own money, she bought some garment and tailored them. Then, she sold it through BBM and blog. Now, she’s the top fashion designer in Indonesia, famous as the queen of pastel.

What I learn from Fitri Aulia is the process of producing fashion collection. She studied fashion and I think I’ll get much knowledge about fashion from her blog. I found her blog post about the process of making her Lady Vanguard collection. It’s so useful for a girl who’s so curious and doesn’t have enough knowledge about fashion, like me. Starting from picking the theme, making moodboard, picking garments, designing, producing, and marketing, everything must be seriously and professionally prepared. And the most important is you shouldn’t work alone. You can be a person who builds the concept, a designer, but you need other people who know better how to sell products. Some people are so good in designing but don’t know how to sell products or how to manage the money. In this case, you need other people. Or actually we can do it all alone at first, or by family’s help. But, when our business gets bigger, we’ll need to manage bigger amount of money and sell more amount of products, so we’ll need to hire some people. I learn how to be professional fashionpreneur from her.

I really hope I could be like them. I’m on fire to attend fashion seminars or talk shows or any fashion events to motivate me to start my fashion business soon. Inspired from Ghaida and Ria Miranda, currently I want to make some clothes gradually and then sell them. I really hope I can start my fashion business soon and be a fashionpreneur, so that I can be an independent woman in economy. Wish me luck.

By the way, this post is for IHB March Blog Post Challenge with the theme is about Profession Inspiration. Hope it will be useful for you. Keep inspired and inspiring. Wassalamualaikum.


Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Instagram Accounts that Keep Me Inspired


Howdy, Friends! How're you? Have I told you that I'm making serial blog posts about how to get inspired? Well, I think I haven't told you. So now, I tell you I will. Actually I am doing this now. And my latest post about Youtube channels that keep me inspired is one of the serial posts.

Well, smartphone is something that almost everybody has now. And with its name, it's really smart (humans are smarter though). You can have any application you want to work with your phone. Social media, games, books, and even for measuring. One of the most popular smartphone application is Instagram. You know, it's special for smartphone. Till now, I never know that you can do something on Instagram from your computer, except just for seeing pictures, but not uploading.

10 instagram acc

Nowadays, Instagram is used for many means. Someone can make an account for personal activities, artworks, online shops, event publication, companies, or, of course, fashion. Even, some people who post their OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) almost every day come to be the ones they called celebgram/selebgram (celebrity of Instagram?), who have more than thousands followers. Actually, I am the one who also likes to follow some of them, cause they usually have their own unique style, that can keep me inspired.

So these are Instagram accounts that I follow and perhaps where you'll find inspiration too.

1. cassandradini (https://instagram.com/cassandradini)
I don't know much about her. But I know she's from Bandung and she has a kind of job about fashion (I guess). Well, I just can tell that I love her fashion taste. I love her style. Her account is suitable for you who like to have monochrome outfits on your look. She's awesome and her Instagram is full of cool photos.

2. dwihandaanda (https://instagram.com/dwihandaanda)
She was a runner-up of World Muslimah Beauty 2012, a Muslimah beauty contest. Not just beautiful and tall, she has a good style. Perhaps because she has a lot to do in fashion (yes she was in a beauty pageant). She does some photo shoots and she also has a hijab business (or some).

3. anaoctarina (https://instagram.com/anaoctarina)
Ana is a singer and, I guess, an actress too. She is a member of a girl band, named Princess. Her style is just cool. And the photographs on her Instagram accounts are just awesome! I don't have a lot to say. I just like it.

4. dhaturembulan (https://instagram.com/dhaturembulan)
She is a model in an agent in Bandung. She's a wife of an Indonesian band vocalist and also a mom of a little girl. But, she's so slim and beautiful. I think she looks alike an Indonesian actress, Cut Tari. In her Instagram, she usually posts her daily outfit and also her job activities as a model.

5. alikaislamadina (https://instagram.com/alikaislamadina)
The first time I know Alika was when I was a child. She was joining a children singing contest on TV. Yes, she's a singer and like Ana, she was a member of Princess, but now she's not. Just like I like Ana's Instagram, I like Alika's. She has a cool style that I love and awesome photographs. Seems like she went to beautiful places and museum once a week to take some awesome photos. I even want to visit museums (especially Galeri Nasional Indonesia in Jakarta) because of her. Now, she studies in Brisbane.

6. lookbook (https://instagram.com/lookbook)
Actually, if you have a lookbook account, you can see their photos there. But Instagram is more simple, right? You don't have to be doubt about how cool the styles here, cause the styles posted here are the best on lookbook. And it's worldwide!

7. ootdmagazine (https://instagram.com/ootdmagazine)
Just like lookbook, this account has awesome photos from worldwide. They usually post, in one photo, three styles that alike, and ask the followers which one they most like. And they have cool photographers.

8. thataljundiah (https://instagram.com/thataljundiah)
If you're a teen magazine reader and have an obsession to have style like what you see there, you should check her Instagram. She's a fashion stylist and editor of Hijabella magazine, a Muslim teen magazine. She also was an MC of a traveling program on TV. Her style is so unique and I love her very much. Not just fashionable, she has a lot of big dreams she desires to catch too.

9. indahnadapuspita (https://instagram.com/indahnadapuspita)
First I know her, she's a model. I knew from my friend who's in Germany and in the same city with her, she's called Nada. But now, she launched her first single (No Me and You) and come to the music industry with the name, Puspita. Well, whatever her name is, she's so into fashion, she has pretty styles and pretty face. She also built her own hijab brand.

10. iymel (https://instagram.com/iymel)
I opened my old Hijabella magazine and I found that she apparently was a stylist of the magazine. She has cool style and I guess she actually has tomboy style. But, she sometimes comes with a feminine style too. With her cool style, she also has her own online shop on Instagram. After her marriage, she often posts her cooking activities on Instagram.

Okay, they were the Instagram accounts that I think have a lot of stylish photos. Let me know what Instagram account is your favorite. See you.


Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Youtube Channels that Keep Me Inspired


Howdy, friends. How are you? This time, I'm not sharing about online shops or telling you my mix and match ideas. But, I want to tell you the sources. I mean, everyone's head is not really empty when making or creating things, right? They must have got some knowledges. I mean, inspiration!

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Books, magazines, internet, seminars, nature, or even people around you. I can learn from the things I mentioned before. But as I'm an internet person -who can't live without internet, I learn a lot from internet. And I share my thoughts via internet too.

Lately, I love seeing videos. Besides learning about fashion, I can train my English too. I seek much information about fashion through Youtube. All about it, everything. Lookbook, fashion haul, beauty tips, fashion tips, sketching tutorial, photography. Everything! Cause fashion is not just about the clothes, right? I'm not really into certain channels, but these are 10 Youtube channels that I subscribed and keep me inspired. And I think you should check too.

1. TheLineUp (https://www.youtube.com/user/thelineupjm)
This is my very favorite channel. This channel is owned by Julia and Maya, which are students from Sweden. They love wearing monochrome outfits, which make me think to wear monochrome, grayish, black and white outfits too. They share their lookbook, fashion haul, answer some questions, and even recipes. I love them.

2. URBANOGcom (https://www.youtube.com/user/URBANOGcom)
This channel is an official Youtube account of an online fashion store. This channel is usually guided by a woman. She shows us make up tips, beauty hacks, how to wear a certain fashion item, and even humor scenes.

3. Evelina (https://www.youtube.com/user/Evelinicutza)
This is a personal Youtube channel by Evelina. In this channel, Evelina speaks (literally) about fashion, DIY projects, and also her life. I love this channel, cause she speaks a lot. I love the way she speaks, her accent (Russian if I'm not wrong). I love her share about how to look slim in photos. And oh, I almost forget that "Evelina's fashion cafe" song for her videos' intro.

4. mightymannie (https://www.youtube.com/user/mightymannie)
This is a personal blog by a young girl (younger than me), Mannie for the short of Man-Yee. From her name and her face, I think she's Asian. This young girl makes me so jealous, just because... she's young! And her youtube channel is popular and really good, and she studies fashion in her college (which I can't). And she has a lot of fashionable stuffs. Oh, help me, I'm jealous.

5. Dina Tokio (https://www.youtube.com/user/dinatokio)
Dina Tokio is a very famous hijab fashion blogger in the world. Her signature hijab style is turban. Her Youtube channel is more about her life, with her husband. But, she has her lookbook too, which has her humor touch.

6. Ann Lee {Anneorshine} (https://www.youtube.com/user/anneorshine)
This channel focuses on DIY projects. There are a lot of DIY projects we can find in this channel, such as beauty, art, organizers, decoration and many others. You can find her lookbook too, of course.

7. clothesencounters (https://www.youtube.com/user/clothesencounters)
I follow this channel not a long time ago. I haven't watched many videos, but some videos that I watched shows me that this channel has good contents. It's the same kind of TheLineUp, which I've mentioned in number 1.

8. POPSUGAR Fashion (https://www.youtube.com/user/popsugartvfab)
This is my very favorite channel too. This is an official channel by POPSUGAR TV. I love watching reality show and I love fashion, so this is the perfect combination. And the thing that makes me like this channel more, is because the host is Allison McNamara.

9. Chriselle Lim (https://www.youtube.com/user/chrisellelim)
Like other channels I've mentioned, this channel has various contents about fashion. You can find fashion and styling tips, beauty and fitness, and even travel diaries. You should try watching this channel if you like a calm atmosphere (rather than The Line Up which is more fun).

10. HijUpCom (https://www.youtube.com/user/HijUpCom)
Last but not least, the official channel by the first hijab online store in Indonesia (and world perhaps?). This channel may be useful for you, who use Moslem clothes daily. It's kind of advertisement for their products but in a creative way. They have some very professional lookbook for their collections. And also, what most hijabers really need, hijab tutorial.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Style Dark Fashion Items


Hello, how are you? As I promised you before, I will make a "mix and match" post related to the post I've published before, Dark Fashion Shopping List. So, I give you a few tips on how to style some items I took from the post.

1. Cool for College
This look is so good for your university or school activities. I think the black shoes is so school-y. To have your legs look longer, wear a pair of black jeans and also black socks. Wear a white shirt, black scarf for your hijab (or not) and a black leather jacket to have a gorgeous look, that everybody will look at you. I give a fun touch with a polka red skirt that I've posted in a post about patterned stuffs. Oh, and don't forget to roll up the ends of your jeans.


2. Make Fun of Your Dungaree
Have fun with your dungaree, girls! It's all about black, red, and white. Perfect! A lightweight red blouse will be so good for outdoor activities, especially when you add a black dungaree. Add some white accessories, like shoes and clutch to neutralize the darkness. Finish up your style with a cute cherry snapback on your black scarf to boost the fun atmosphere.

Red-Black Cherry

3. An Easy Dark Look
This look needs almost all your items in dark colors. Pick dark loose pants, dark coat or jacket or other kinds of outerwear, dark scarf, and also a cool dark platform sandals. Mix it with a white (or light) crop top. Give a simple pendulum necklace to fill the emptiness on the top. Don't take a complex one to keep it simple. A polka black snapback give more patterns to your look, but never be over-patterned!

Bold Black-Navy

So, what do you think? Is there any look you want to wear? If not, tell me what kind of look you want me to make for you! Or, tell me what kind of fashion items you need to find. Leave some comments below to make me know about your requests.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review: What I Bought on Bilna


Hello guys, how's your life? What do you usually do on Sunday? Watching movies/TV? Playing Doing sport? Shopping? As a college student, I have some assignments, but I admit it's like so hard to work on holiday. What about you? What I do on Sunday or other holiday are blogging (exactly), watching some (lookbook) videos, sometimes drawing, and a little shopping.

Talking about shopping, where do you guys usually go shopping? Well, I'm sure you'll go to a mall. I do too, but for grocery shopping, I go to a supermarket near to my dorm. It's cheaper. Some of you must go online shopping, I bet. I rarely do online shopping. I know what's fun about it. It's after making an order and waiting for your order to come, when it comes to your door, and when you open it!

I found this one stop online shopping, Bilna. I even added the widget on my sidebar. As I wrote, it's a one stop online shop, where you can buy some kinds of things. You can find any products in the sort of beauty, baby needs, healthy products, home decor, gadgets, cosmetics, clothes, and even groceries. It's really complete!

This shop is really a new name coming to my ears. So, I did checking the site and browsing some products. I'm really interested in their beauty products. It's quite complete. You can find some international brands too. So finally, I decided to buy a lipstick from Oriflame. It's Oriflame Very Me Lip Addict. I saw the packaging and I thought that it's so 'teenagers' with that hot pink case. That's why I chose it. And yes, I'm right. The lipstick is not too bold to use for teenagers, may be because I chose the blush pink one. I recommend it for teenagers or any girl who wanted her lips to be moist and still need colors. Cause it has variants of colors. Oh, and it has a good smell too. What I regretted from buying the lipstick is that it's glossy. I don't really like glossy lips. I did recheck the site and I found it's apparently a lip gloss. I didn't read the detail of this product, which said that it's glossy. I suggest you to read carefully the details of a product you'll buy online. Surely.

Not satisfied with just a lipstick to buy, I tried to browse drinking bottles. I thought I need one, cause I usually buy a bottle of mineral water per day in campus and added the volume of rubbish in the world. I thought having a drinking bottle is good, for the environment and money saving. Hahaha. It took a lot of time for me to choose the right one. There are a lot of drinking bottles there in Bilna. And they're all good and cute. So finally, I chose a beige bottle from Reduce. It has a good shape and lovely pattern! And I really love it!

So, what are you waiting for? This is the era of internet. You can do anything through internet, even grocery shopping. I've tried Bilna online store and the service is so good. It's good for you to try. So, happy shopping!

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