Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Photo Diary: I Wonder

It was the middle of January
The month I was born, the month something started
Probably every part of this story is a fantasy
Sometimes fiction and reality couldn't be parted

 Rain was still falling, ground was wet
My eyes kept closing
Love hasn't been found yet

 I am a girl with unrequited love stories
Not waiting anymore
I was in some glories

 But he knocked, saw through my empty heart
Suddenly we're both on the same watercraft
Surrounded by the mangrove trees, we laughed

Blown by the sea breeze, we talked
On the bamboo bridge, we walked

 Then I wonder when
The time limit of us walking together
I wonder where
The next lands we'll touch our feets on
I wonder who
The people we'll meet in the middle of the journey
I wonder why
The reasons of us still walking hand in hand
I wonder what
The little things happening along the journey

I wonder how
The way this thing started
Oh! The virtual world?



Location: Mangrove Ecotourism Surabaya
All pics by Wicaku


  1. Hutan mangrove sekarang ini bagus-bagus ya buat pepotoan.. ^_^

    1. Emang kalau dulu nggak bagus ya? haha
      Saya 2 kali ke situ dan selalu pas ada orang yang lagi foto prewed. Berarti emang bagus


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