Saturday, August 6, 2016

Photo Diary: Skatepark & BMX Surabaya

After a super long hiatus because of no reason, I decided to make 'Photo Diary' posts. It's so embarrassing to say that I don't have any idea about what to post on the blog, but it's a reality. So, I think photo diary posts aren't bad, huh?

About a week ago, Surabaya has become a busy city. The 3rd PrepComm of UN Habitat III was held in the city, so there were many festivals took place in its various parks. Some schedules were also broadcasted via social media and messenger. I was sooo excited.

I decided to go to Skatepark & BMX near Kalimas, because they said there would be a watercraft competition on Kalimas river. But it's my fault to come there in the noon that the park was soooo quiet and I found nothing. I've brought my camera, so why not taking OOTD pictures?

I started sliding and can't resist laughing

Not stairs!
Round glasses - @ Royal Plaza Surabaya | IDR50,000/2pcs
Gray square scarf - @ Royal Plaza Surabaya | IDR35,000
White blouse - @ Royal Plaza Surabaya | IDR35,000
Grey inner shirt | @ Jayatex Kotamobagu
Floral bag | IG online shop
Batik culottes | Kain batik @ Royal Plaza Surabaya | IDR50,000/2m
Black cross sandals | Details @ Matahari Dept. Store



*Idk whether I should be proud or embarrassed for sharing my super cheap outfits, but why not
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