Sunday, March 4, 2012

Make your Own!

Life is not just using, but also making. As a hijaber, I like making brooches, not just buying. The most important reason for making my own brooches is I often dislike the brooches that usually are sold.
 I just wanna tell you who wants to be different, just make your own accessories! And I can tell you that after making, you will be satisfied because you can use what you make. You will hear some admirations, like "Wow! So cute! Did you make it yourself?" and you'll answer "Yes." Oh, how beautiful it is.

Wanna make tutorial posts about what I've made. Hope I can! Here are some my own-made brooches and you can also apply it for hairpin:

The last brooch (flower brooch) made my friends said "Make for me, Wardah!"
Hahaha... Hope you can make your own accessories! :)

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