Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017: Moslem Runway (Part 1)

After coming with my first post about Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017 featuring UNESA's fashion show, this is the time to share what I saw on the 3rd day of SFP 2017, Moslem Runway. The first part of this series will show you some daily wear collections.

I'm sure the designer has improved her skill. Compared to the collection shown at last year's SFP "Elmira by Saffana", this year's collection is more dynamic. Still, I could see feminine touch in the collection. Different textures of fabrics were used, from the strength of velvet to the dramatic tulle. Magenta and sapphire blue played the main role, completing the broken white flowy fabrics.

Like Saffana, Alphiana also held her fashion show at last year's SFP. Not like her last year's show that featured men's collection, Alphiana came up with Muslim women's collection at SFP 2017. Despite the items that are clearly made for women, the design characteristic is quite masculine. Strong lines and color block were the main characteristic of the collection.

The most syar'i style was this. The collection consisted of all abaya and all long khimar. Ruffles and silver laces details existed on every item in this collection.

Sad Indah Ambarwati
Stripes never go wrong in any colors and gaps they have in a pattern. Using stripes pattern, the collection showed us complicated cutting that I -a nonexpert- couldn't understand. But if you wanna go casual or work and eye-catchy at the same time, you could go with the collection.

The daily wear collections of Moslem Runway ends here. It's haute couture and bridal collection for the next posts. Stay tuned!



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