Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Breezy Fun Day in Pantai Babo

The sun was peeking through the spaces formed by the series of coconut tree leaves. The grayish sand met the waves of the sea. People ran happily, built their own castles by the sea. The fresh green of trees faded into dark blue as the distance become further. Three islets invited us to come into them. The meeting of the skies of blue and the teal sea? OOTD pictures we did!

Pantai Babo, let me mention it that way because "Babo Beach" doesn't sound good to me. It's located on the edge of the Sulawesi main road (the road that passes provinces in Sulawesi). It's one of many favorites beach in Bolaang Mongondow Raya with the soft sand and medium waves, which is perfect for family and regular swimming. Well, it's jumping in the water in my case because I can't swim.

Despite the fame, the beach was not really crowded, because as I mention before, there are many choices of beaches in Bolaang Mongondow. It made us easy to find a spot for rest and having a meal.

By the way, you don't need much money to enter the beach area because it's so cheap (I forgot though). They set the tariff for the vehicle. So, you can bring as many people as you can in a car and you'll be charged the same as if you bring a car with only you in the car. For meals, there were some canteens served young coconut ice (es degan) and foods but I didn't know the price (and menus) because my family always bring meals anywhere, whenever we go far distance. Yes, thrifty we are. I still bought 'bakso tusuk' though.

The facilities were quite complete. We could pray in a musholla for free, find some toilets, and take a bath easily.

Somebody please teach me how to wink
What I love here was the weather. I came at 12 pm and although it's hot, the sun didn't jab me hard like it does in Surabaya (and some big cities). And it's suitable for sunnies OOTD ;)

Well, you'll need to run fast on the sand which is not covered by coconut trees (between the sea and higher land) because it's so damn hot. You don't wear sandals in the sea, right?

I share this like many tourists will come, but I think it's actually not haha. I just want to share a local holiday destination. It must be good if you share yours too, guys. Tell me if you do!




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