Thursday, December 11, 2014

White Stuffs You Should Have

Have you ever heard about all white looks? Yeah, it's when you wear all white fashion items from head to toe. Or, you predominantly wear white stuffs on your look. With this look, you'll look clean yet elegant. And don't forget! You'll be awesome!!! These are some awesome examples I found on Google.
all white looks

So, are you ready to walk all white? I browsed some stuffs for this look. And these are the results of my exploring. All items were found in Zocko. I bet you'll like the products, Girls. Cause every single thing is awesome!!!! I'm really sure you must click the 'buy' button :)

1. Charlie Sunglasses by M.Y.L
2. Cape Sleeve Woven Dress by Zalora
3. Lace Pants by Zalora
4. Midi Circle Skirt by Ezra
5. White Pleated Skirt by Kami Idea for Zalora
6. Levira Shirt by Coup belle
7. Cat Tote by Pita
8. Cape Blazer by Look Boutique
9. Lace Jacket by Minimal

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How To Style Crop Tops

Hello, dears.....

It's been soooo looooong time without any post here. And I really do missing this blog so much. And missing virtual styling on Polyvore. I got busy with tasks, assignments, and some group activities. It doesn't mean I'm not now. I'm still busy but try to steal some little time.

So, some weeks ago, a friend asked me how to style crop top. Then I thought, "Why not writing crop top styling ideas on my blog?". So girls, these are some styling tips on how to wear crop tops. I just wanna tell you that all of my ideas here use skirts. Cause it's crop top! I mean, if you don't wear any skirt or loose stuff, it will show the shape of your hips. For me, it's not comfort to have my hips exposed. I don't think it matches our hijab. Well, after all, it's all up to you.

Cute Crop Top Idea

Get ready to be gorgeous, girls...

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Event: The 5th Moslem Fashion Festival (Global Ethnic)

It's very late post but I just wanna share a few photos I got from the event I've waited for a year. It's the 5th Moslem Fashion Festival, held anually in Surabaya. I know it for just this 2 years and it's always held in Royal Plaza, Surabaya. As a fashion lover and a beginner in fashion, I exactly want to see this event. I've lost my chance to see it last year. So, for this year I never wanted to miss it again. Even I soon came back to Surabaya after celebrating Eid Adha in my hometown in Gresik.

So, these are some amateur photos I got. I came late I guess, so it's difficult to get the good ones. By the Way, this is just one of the event. There are some competitions, but I just came for the fashion show event.

 photo 2ec588aa-a264-446c-bf53-b88b3865ccf5_zps97264bd6.jpg
 photo 20141005_200227_zps1f07eb9d.jpg
 photo 20141005_200206_zpscebae3b3.jpg
 photo 20141005_200140_zpsbe97f81e.jpg
 photo 20141005_194948_zps7f2efed3.jpg
 photo 20141005_194600_zps9c234d9f.jpg

Friday, October 24, 2014

Four Worlds of Carissa Cardi

Assalamu alaikum, lovely readers...

Today is Islamic new year. So, I'd like to say happy new year to all moslems in the world. May Allah blesses our life last year and this year. May us have a better life, better attitude, and improve our worship to Him.

By the way, after my latest post about how to style a blazer by Ria Miranda, I'm still being interested in styling another fashion item of local moslem fashion designers. And it's time for beautiful multi-talented artist, Zaskia Adya Mecca. She has a clothing line with a name taken from her name, Meccanism.

I chose an outerwear, Carissa Cardi, and style it into some looks. Well, an outerwear is the best fashion item we can wear for any styles.

Clean Look is so good for work or any formal occasion. Just make it simple, use monochrome colors, use less pattern or don't wear it at all.

Clean Look with Carissa Cardi

Feminine Look is so adorable and worth to see. Semi-formal occasion or a little party will need this look, especially for those who's like to show your elegance. Behave calmly with this look, sisters.

Feminine Look with Carissa Cardi

Casual Look will bring you into a stylish atmosphere of grocery shopping, girls. Going to a market and grocery shopping doesn't mean you can't be stylish, right? It's also available for you simple woman who doesn't want to look too much.

Casual Look with Carissa Cardi

Pop Look will surprise you, I'm sure. You might think that this gray cardigan will not suitable for this look. But I don't think that way. It will neutralize your pop colors, so they'll not look too much. Not all people like the idea of combining many colors in one look, right? We should bring comfort to people around us through fashion too, I think.
Pop Look with Carissa Cardi

*Picture of Carissa Cardi was taken from, that's why it has watermark.

Hope you like it, dear...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Styling Naomi Blazer by Ria Miranda

Assalamu alaikum, Lovely Readers...

I have a favorite fashion designer. I mean, I have many, but this time I wanna tell you just one of them. I think she's the first fashion designer I have my photograph with. And it's still the one and only now. Hehehe. I wish I could met more fashion designer later.

Yeah, she is Ria Miranda, a fashion designer, a queen of pastel. I've joined her talk show and yes! She's sooo calm. I love her designs, really amazing! But it doesn't mean I have one, because the price isn't for me. But... I wish I had one. Hehehe.

For inspiring me, I give one of her design a little styling tips. I'd be happy if she likes it.

So, people... This is it, my fashion collages made on Polyvore (again and always). Now, with a little change of collage style. Yeah, I never made an exact style for making collage.

So people, CHECK IT OUT!

Cool-Monochrome Naomi Blazer

Lady Naomi Blazer

Chic Naomi Blazer

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to Style Like Fruits

I don't know why. These days, I often got inspired by nature for some styling tips. After flowers and seasons, now I got inspired by fruits. I think we'll look fresh with fruits theme! And here we go...

This is how to style like fruits for all of you, who wear hijab. For who you don't I think they suit you too..

Orange Fruit Style

Pineapple Style

Cherry Style

Watermelon Style

Hope you like it, lovely Readers... :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

'Wear' the Seasons

Hello, lovely readers...

This time I wanna make, on Polyvore, sets that combines outfits pictures with rectangle photos. And no! It seems it's still bad. Sorry. But still, I wanna share you these collages.

This time, I was inspired by seasons. Spring, summer, winter, and fall. Oh, I wanna taste the seasons. Challenge myself to style based on the seasons. So here we are the hijab styles I tried to pour into collages. Again, I apologize for the bad results.

What I know about spring is that flowers are blooming everywhere. Showing up their beautiful colors. Green, pink, red, orange, purple. That's why I chose floral item for the 'Spring' style. Oh, I desire too see spring with my own eyes.

Spring Style

When I browse about summer, pictures of beaches come out. But I think the flowers still exist in this season. So, I bring swing dress and floral motif into this 'Summer' style.
Summer Style

I describe fall with romantic season. I watched Korean dramas and it's so romantic seeing people sit down on the bench while brown leaves are falling from the trees. I wanna taste it! I wrote 'brown', right? That's why the 'Fall' style is so brown.

Fall Style

Winter is... exactly cool. I mean cool for amazing and describing the temperature. Although I've never been in winter, I know that it's low in temperature when winter. And that's amazing because trees wear the snow instead of their leaves. I also want to be in the winter, because I can make an Olaf. Hahaha. And also, there are more items to be worn!!

Winter Style

Now, can I ask you to pray for me so I could go to four-seasons country? I don't mean to live there. I just want to... taste it.

Good bye, fabulous...

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Play with Jumpsuits


Suddenly, the idea to mix some kinds of jumpsuits just come into my mind. I tried to do some little research/browsing about it and this is what I got.

From Wikipedia, I got that jumpsuit originally referred to the utilitarian one-piece garments used by parachuters/skydivers, but has come to be used as a common term for any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs. I aso got from that in fashion, jumpsuit is usually combining a shirt with trousers or shorts in one piece.

Without any time wasted, please just look some of my creations on Polyvore. My experiments of mixing jumpsuits with other cool items. And here we are...
Jumpsuit + Green

jumpsuit + long vest

jumpsuit fun

Sporty Jumpsuit

Friday, August 29, 2014

Flower Styling Tips

From nature, we can get the best inspiration ever. Colors, patterns, form, we can get them from nature. Since my name means a name of a flower, this time I wanna give you some styling tips inspired by some beautiful flowers. Alhamdulillah, all thanks to Allah for creating beauties on the world.

Lavender Look

Daisy Look

Sunflower Look

Rose Look

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Inspired by Red and White

Assalamualaikum Lovely Readers...

You know what? It's Independence Day!

It's Independence Day of Indonesia, my beloved country. A lot of people celebrate today anywhere, in any ways. Well, actually I'm not the one who think that celebrating Independence Day is very important. But, everyone does. I watched my favorite TV program, iLook NET. Their topic was about independence day and they showed some styling tips about wearing red and white since they're the colors of Indonesian flag. So, I GOT INSPIRED.

Well, every one has its own way to celebrate Independence Day. And this is mine :)

Red, White, and Black
- Wear your pants and blouse
- Put on your mini dress
- Wear your black pashmina
- Go on with your stilettos and a full-heart clutch

Red-White ft Black

Red, White, and Jeans
- Wear a pair of jeans and a skirt on your jeans
- Put on your 'selfie' sweater
- Wear a red pashmina
- Walk with a white slip-on and put on your 'selfie' hat
- Don't forget to bring your stylish backpack and wear you cool watch

Red-White ft Jeans

Red, White, and Gold
- Wear your stripes blouse
- Wear your maxi skirt (tuck the blouse in the skirt)
- Put your white veil on and pin it with a bleedy rose pin (it's cool)
- Put a gold-white belt on your skirt
- Be ready to proudly walk with platform sandals and a gold tote bag

Red-White ft Gold

Saturday, August 16, 2014

WBL Let's Play!

Assalamualaikum, Lovely Readers...
How's your life?

Till today, I'm still on my holiday woohooo. And about last week, my family and I went to a theme park in a city next to my city (Gresik), it's Lamongan. The theme park is called Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL).

It was fun there with a huge family. We played many games, include fun games and extreme games. Okay, I must confess that I didn't play the extreme games. They'll make me dizzy and I'll feel like I'm gonna vomit. Well, I really enjoyed taking pictures there, since there are many photo spots there. And here are some photos of us (mostly my sister and I)

Did I look a little bit boyish? I didn't mean it, really... .-.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mint and The Shadow

I'm not sure how mint color is. But looking the colors on fashion magazines and fashion websites, it seems calm and chic. I love the color when it comes to fashion items. Ultimately I thought that mint color is the mix of blue and green in a light tone.

 photo m2_zps8a9b0af6.jpg

Then, I made it into a shirt. Yes, I made it! I mean, I sew it all almost by myself. Even I cut the fabrics myself without knowing the theory. That's why the shirt was so simple. Yeah, It's a learning by doing and I love it. And I want to do it again.

Actually I sew it by myself with a reason. No one can sew it for me because it was almost Idul Fitri when I started to sew it. The stitches were untidy and I screamed for every mistakes I did hahaha. The shirt was meant to be a cropped shirt, but an amateur tailor (me) made it not enough cropped. That's why I tucked the front side into a skirt.

I wore it with black items, because using black never goes wrong. And also, black is a component of shadow for every color, include mint.

 photo m1_zps0dfa069a.jpg

 photo m3_zpsb28965a8.jpg

 photo m4_zpsc697722a.jpg

Friday, August 1, 2014

Steal Korean Stars' Style

Hello, lovely Readers…
How’s your life? I’m so bored spending my holiday without a good connection of internet. That’s why it’s been almost a month since my last post. And now I’m doing some mix and match (still via Polyvore) inspired by Korean Stars. Hey Hijabers, you can style like these Unnie!

Jessica SNSD

Combining blue jeans and red will effortlessly make your look cool and chic. Sweater and sneakers easily make a comfy look. Wear these on your morning flight and it’s not wrong going shopping with this look.

Jessica SNSD Style

Krystal f(x) & Jessica SNSD
Going out with your stylish friend and go shopping together? Be the most stylish friends in the world! Mix your mini dress or mini skirt with long pants. Put your heels on and shop like a model.

Korean Styles

Seohyun SNSD
The combination of red and black is so stylish. With a touch of leopard pattern on your clutch, you’ll be ready to come out from your home door.
SNSD Seohyun style

Song Hye Gyo
Career women are suitable for this look. Neutral colors make a clean look. And a blazer simply ease you for going to office.

Song Hye Gyo style

Hope you like it, Lovely Readers. Stay fabulous :)
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