Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Kartini's Day, Indonesian Women!


Hi! Today is a special day for all Indonesian women. April 21st was the birthday of an Indonesian women hero, R.A. Kartini. She was a legend, who struggled for women's independence, especially in Indonesia. She was smart and thought that every woman should be smart. Women in Indonesia had a limit on studying, but she desired to change that thought. Women should be educated.

Year after year, other Kartini(s) appear. They appear as the pioneers of any field they're good at and invite other women to also contribute, directly or not. Importantly, they're inspiring.

Well, in this special day for Indonesian women, I drew a woman whom I think a 'today' Kartini. I wanted to have a special post on Kartini's day with her drawing and just realized yesterday that it was today. So, I've just drawn her last night.

Diana Rikasari! Yes, I think she's a new 'Kartini'. As what I wrote on my "Who Am I" tab, she's my first inspiration to make a blog. The first woman blogger that 'invited' me to have a creation through this blog. And I'm sure I'm not the one that think the same way. I know some people, especially Indonesian women, were inspired by her too, to make a blog. So, thank you so much, Kak Di!

Be a pioneer, Ladies! Happy Kartini's day!



  1. what a "new kartini"!
    cool, sista....

  2. I love your drawing style, nice to know you darl <3

    1. Aww you're so nice. Nice to know you too, darl!

  3. Diana Rikasari memang inspiring sekali, ya :)

    1. Iya banget. Aku pertama kali kepikiran buat bikin blog juga karna dia

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