Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Teenagers

Being teenagers is a blessing. It's when we can express our creativities and ideas freely, but not considered a kid anymore. A lot of activities require us to wear anything comfortable. But the wild side of us forbid us to look so usual. We want extraordinary looks all day!

So, I think teenagers need to have fashion items that are easy to mix. So we don't get bored with only one look for each item.

1. Denim Pants
I think I don't need to explain any reason to have this item. Even everyone may not have any reason on wearing them. Jeans are appropriate for casual use and comfortable enough for a lot of activities teenagers have. And oh, roll up your pants once while wearing flats and twice for boots.
2. Solid Tops
This is the second item in this post that I don't need to write a lot of explanations. With a solid top, you could wear anything. From casual look to formal look. Pants from skirts. Floral or tribal scarves? Anything! Black and white or gray are basics!
3. Striped Tops
I found striped tops have a similar function with solid tops. You'll look good with only pairing it with a pair of jeans or a solid skirt. And you'll look cool with an addition of outerwear. And I think striped tops are really really cool for outerwear.
4. Sneakers and Slip-Ons
Teenagers must have an active life and a lot of activities. What do you need? Some comfort pairs of shoes! Choose your best sneakers and slip-ons!
5. Leather Jackets
Last but not least, which will be so needed for a young cool active famous teenagers. Yeah! That's leather jacket! You might get an addition feel of rock 'n roll. But it's good with dresses too.
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So, what're you waiting for? Complete your wardrobe, dear Teenagers!




  1. I don't have any Slip-ons, can you reccomend which one is good... for me? Huehehe

    1. Actually I don't have any too, huehehehe. Soalnya tiap nyobain justru ga cocok sama bentuk kakiku, jadi aku lebih prefer ke sneakers. Mungkin kamu harus nyoba-nyoba sendiri juga sesuai bentuk kakimu. Dan slip-on biasanya juga banyak modelnya dan lucu-lucu, jadi tinggal nyesuaiin sama karakter kamu aja

    2. Sekarang sih model slip on yang lagi trend itu sepattu Tomb ya ... Tapi aku aneh aja sih, soalnya solnya tipis beud. Prefer ke sneakers deh. :D

    3. Temen-temenku seringnya pakai Wakai. Kalo masalah tipis, ada kemungkinan juga itu yang bikin nyaman sih karena kan jadi nggak berat.

  2. Hola, I'm a new blogger and I happened to stumble upon your blog. I have to agree with you, these five things are indeed a teenager's wardrobe essentials!

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  3. Hi.. kunjungan balik niech.. dan langsung suka dgn blog kamu.. langsung klik follow deh.. Keep on Post! ^_^

  4. Hi.. kunjungan balik niech.. dan langsung suka dgn blog kamu.. langsung klik follow deh.. Keep on Post! ^_^

  5. Ngga pernah punya jaket kulit, hahaha. Tapi kalo ngeliat orang pake pingiiiin, hihihi.

    1. Samaaaa. Keliatannya keren deh pokoknya kalo orang pake jaket kulit

    2. Hooh, kyknya keren gimana gituuu. Tapi kalo mau beli takut ngga pantes, hahaha.

    3. Kalo aku karena belum punya duit huhuhuuu. Hiks

    4. Kalo aku karena belum punya duit huhuhuuu. Hiks

    5. Nanti juga punyaaa..Nabung, nabung, hehehe.. ;D


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