Monday, December 26, 2016

Semut's Singapore Trip Day 4

This is actually not our last day, but this will be the last post about Semut's trip in Singapore. Just because.

Day 4: October 6th, 2016

#1 Art Science Museum

I have posted the building pictures of Art Science Museum in the 1st Day blog post. It's in the evening and I love the photo. You should check it out here! (Self-esteem increased)

Art Science Museum is in the same area with Marina Bay Sands. We even entered the Marina Bay Sands to get to the Art Science Museum.

Inside Marina Bay Sands

The Art Science Museum

This is where I proved that a museum can be so fun! I didn't take many pictures inside because I enjoyed it so much. I felt like going back to childhood (because most visitors were kids).

#2 Gardens by The Bay

Aaaand, this is not planned for me, but finally, I came inside the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest in Gardens by The Bay. It's a bit expensive to get inside the domes (SGD 27), so I had planned not to come in. But the travel guides persuaded a few people not going in (include me) to go in. And here I was, inside the isolations of vegetations from around the world.

The first dome was Flower Dome. It's like a museum, but for flowers.

The second dome was adventurous because there was a waterfall inside a dome! It's INSIDE! There were also vegetations inside, but for this post, I focused on how adventurous it was with the ramps we used to walk up around the dome.

I was walking on the ramp and it was so high

I took this picture from a ramp and there were still ramps above
So, guys, that's all my post about Semut's Study Trip to Singapore. I know these posts are lacking in everything. I had much fun there and didn't take enough photos to share with you. Hope we could someday meet in a fun trip together!



*By the way, guys, I lack idea nowadays. Do you have any idea on what topic I could post? I want to have a fashion post so bad.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Semut's Singapore Trip Day 3

 Day 3: October 5th, 2016

#1 Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

It's amazing to be here. We could see the development of Singapore from the past and how it is developed to be a modern city in the present, and even the future plan of the city.

In URA, we could find a miniature/maquette of Singapore. Remember the Singapore National Stadium we visited on the 2nd day? The miniature was there too.

The Singapore National Stadium has a roof that can be opened whenever needed
We could play some interactive games in URA

#2 Building Construction Authority (BCA)

The next destination was still in case of study. We went to Building Construction Authority (BCA). I thought this was where building construction technology being researched. They had Sky Lab which was on the top of a building. There, they researched materials and natural lighting for buildings. Its lab even could rotate to find the best natural lighting for buildings.

Besides, BCA also has a Zero Energy Building. Just because its name has "zero", doesn't mean it doesn't use energy. It uses energy and produces energy at the same time. It's the energy net which is zero (0).

A side of Zero Energy Building

BCA Sky Lab
*I studied hard so that I don't have many good photos there :D

#3 Handerson Waves Bridge

It's time for a tiring refreshing! Yeah, it's a refreshing destination but we had to climb the hill (or it's not climbing and probably not a hill) to reach Handerson Waves Bridge.

The structures are beautiful and so instagrammable! Taking photos were exactly the main activity here!

Where couples spent their romantic time together :"

This bench was amazingly comfortable and ergonomic

It's good to take sitting-pose photos here, but watch out! IYKWIM

Me wearing the bag owned by a friend next to me. We're following my instruction of course
I hope you're not getting bored because the last part of this trip is in the next post.



Monday, December 12, 2016

Semut's Singapore Trip Day 2

Day 2: October 4th, 2016

#1 Singapore National Stadium

The second day in Singapore, we went to Singapore National Stadium and did some observation.

We felt the place, also took some pictures of the building and ourselves in the building haha.

Singaporeans seem so ambitious with their health that I always found them jogging in any place and any time

#2 School of The Arts (SOTA) Singapore

The next destination, Semut was separated into 2 groups. One of the groups went to an architecture company (which I forgot the name) and another group went to visit School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA). I chose to come to SOTA so I could give one of the limited seats of the Architecture company visitation to the one that seriously wants to have a career in Architecture.

I have no words, the school building was beautiful. Its walls are made of concrete and woods, and the ceilings were so high. It has some alleys where wind could come through.

Art installations were like in every corner of the building
So, guys, that's all the short 2nd day in Singapore. We're in SOTA just in a short time and were brought to Chinatown. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photo there because I was too excited to do shopping (It's like I went there every evening after Semut's tour timeline lol).

To be cotinued...



Monday, November 28, 2016

Semut's Singapore Trip Day 1

It's been almost 2 months since this trip with my college friends. What a 'real-time' blogger, huh? Hahaha. Anyway, Pals, this will be like a photo diary I recently like to post. And the pictures are purely what I got on my camera. Some are so cool that I can't believe I take them myself, lol.

As you see in the title, Semut is the name of my batch in college (ITS - Architecture 2013). We had our trip to Singapore for 5 days studying about this city (hopefully), held on October 3rd-7th, 2016. I'll write this in time sequence (only 4 days, unfortunately). So, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Day 1: October 3rd, 2016

#1 Changi International Airport
Yeah, we went there by airplane. So, here we are in the coolest airport in the world. It's not that easy for me to pass the immigration because (maybe) I have only one name. I passed it, anyway.

By the way, if you're the first timer here, don't forget to take a map of Singapore! You could do your trip alone with the map as it shows the MRT routes and good places to visit. Well, basically, every corner is nice to visit (and to take a photo).

I took OOTD pictures here, but I already uploaded it on my IG, so yeah, no need it to be posted on the blog anymore. *Actually, there's a hidden reason hahaha.

My tethering wi-fi and shopping partners

I spilt my yoghurt and orange juice and everything became messy

#2 NUS School of Design and Environment 
Visited the best university in Asia and yeah, I found out why it's the best. We still have to struggle with the cutter and the crazy glue while they learn how to make maquettes with 3d printers. Their studios are full and no one made an unimportant conversation (seems like any), while ours are empty near the deadline. But it's good to be relaxed, right?

Why did I think this picture is cool? #selfpride

Feels like being Holmes

#3 Merlion Park
It's our first day and we're already brought to the Merlion. No need more explanation about this icon of Singapore because I'm sure everyone knows it. I didn't take a picture with the Merlion because it's a motivation for me to come back here. Besides, I tried to take pictures of people there and it turned out not good (backlight) and I didn't know how to set the camera. So, just enjoy the postcard-able pictures taken by my hands and eyes.

Oh, and you must try coming here in the evening. I don't know if it happens every day or eventually, there's such a cool light show with a background music came from the buildings opposite the Merlion. From Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands, and so on. It was amazing!

The Art Science Museum

The Merlion

Took a picture with Marina Bay Sands instead

I've experienced a city full of stars and with no stars
THAT was my first day in Singapore! Keep visiting and reading my blog because there are still 3 posts about this trip! See you very berry soon, inshaallah.



Thursday, October 27, 2016

Recently-Loved Video: Sheila Dara Aisha - Saat Bersamamu (Official Lyric Video)

Been interested of the thumbnail on Youtube and it turned out so good. Her voice is so melodious, suits very well with the upbeat music. I could really hear the voice of a girl who's happy meeting her other half.

About the visual of the lyric video, I loooove it so much. Sneaking into Sheila Dara's Instagram account and found out that a photographer named Haqi Cahya was the one behind this cute pop-themed video. Again, sneaking into his Instagram account and I'm amazed. I met an Instagram feed full of pop-themed photographs and videos. Can't do anything but follow.

I play and rewind this song (oops, this lyric video). This is how music, words, photographs, and fashion could meet.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

5 Ways to Get Your Party Look for Hijabi

 "I believe there's actually 3 seasons in my country. The dry, the rainy and the wedding seasons." - @nuhevita 
Seeing that caption yesterday and like "OMG, it's so true!". So, in this lovely wedding season, I would like to give you some tips on how to get your party dress, especially for hijabi. It probably not only for a wedding party but also for a graduation ceremony or birthday party as well.

Everyone might know the types of clothes we should wear for a party, from lace gown, kaftan, abaya, or probably kebaya for Indonesian party. But, where could you find your perfect clothes for a party? These are the 5 ways you might find your perfect lovely clothes for a party.

Sew Your Own Dress
Everybody knows it. Your party dress should fit you very well. And the best way to get the dress that suits you well is to sew it. You may sew it to the nearest tailor to your home. Or it could be a portfolio if you can sew it yourself!

You can design the dress yourself or simply give a picture of your favorite dress design to the tailor. It's your luck if you have a designer friend. Designing and sewing your party clothes yourself will be so interesting, especially when it turns out very good and your friends compliments you on the party (try it!). Self-help equals self-pride, which is happiness!
Sewing Party Dress

Mix and Match
You have a sleeveless party gown you wore in your pre-hijab moments and don't know what to do? Pair it with suit or blazer, wear a turban. You're ready to get your androgyny party look.

Don't be afraid, old fashion trends do coming back. Open the wardrobes of your mother, your aunts, or even your grandmothers. Find something cool and pair it with the latest trend you have. Everything looks good with a good sense of mix and match!

Mix Match Party

Thrift Stores
Find the best second-hand shops in your city. Go there and you might find a dress that matches you, a dress that doesn't match the owner before and ready to be found by you. Not enough for a party look? You can give it to the tailor to custom it. You can buy pearls and apply them there. You get your party look, plus you can save more money!

Or, you could find a pair of elegant shoes or purse or any accessories for your perfect party look.
Thrift Shop Party

Local Boutiques
It could be a little bit pricey, but you'll be so happy with the well-designed clothes and well-chosen fabrics. Save more money earlier before the party. Buy clothes from local designers in their boutiques. Now, you already support local designers and it's very good.

Designer Party

Buy Online
You're so busy and don't have time to do the 4 things I mentioned before? Buy online! Local designers have reached the online market and thrift stores as well. Marketplaces are everywhere on the TV and on the sides of your facebook pages. Plus, online stores usually will give you discounts! I did my research (a.k.a. online window shopping) yesterday and found an online web ZALORA, selling good choices of party dresses for Muslimah with good prices. You too, should try online window shopping and could find a perfect mate that suits you to come to a party. Anyway, below is the dresses that caught my eyes, in case you're curious, hahaha.

Zalora Party

So girls, for you to find the perfect party dresses, it's practically everywhere! Good luck on finding a perfect dress!


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