Saturday, May 31, 2014

Steal Her Look: Alexa Chung

ssalamu alaikum Lovely Readers...
It's busy days before holiday. I have so much tasks, so I'm confused what to work first. Hehe, but I still cannot leave fashion >,<

Try to steal some celebrities' looks and turn them into hijab look. And now here we are, the first celebrity whose style is adorable and quite polite. So, we can turn her styles into hijab look.

Steal her look: Alexa Chung

Steal her look: Alexa Chung (Classic)

Steal her look: Alexa Chung (RedBlue)

Steal her look: Alexa Chung (Coat n Stripe)

Hope you like it! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Color Personality Styles

Hello lovely readers,
Now I'm continuing my works and experiments with Polyvvore. I'm trying to make some styles based on color personality theory I took on google. Actually it's an image of Philips.
Here we are...

Purple Personality Style

Pink Personality Style

Red Personality Style

Yellow Personality Style

Orange Personality Style

Green Personality Style

Blue Personality Style

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Styling BW Bolero

Hi Lovely Readers...

Actually I'm busy with a task, but I'm sooo excited with Polyvore and can't wait till tomorrow to do mix and match fashion items. I even made some plans or theme to bring into collages. And here is a work of me some minutes ago (actually it's almost an hour).

This is how I bring a BW Bolero into party look and casual look. And I found that eventhough Polyvore is so easy to use, but making collages is still not an easy thing! Polyvore is just a tool and art is brain's work, right?

Black White Bolero for Party and Casual

Hope you like it ^_^

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Polyvore, I'm in Love

Hi, Lovely Readers...

The title seems has 2 meanings. It's like I'm saying that "I love Polyvore" and in the same time I say Polyvore, "I'm falling in love with someone". Hehehe, ok, those are what've happened.

Some days ago, I tried to watch some videos on how to blog, how to be a good blogger. And on some videos, I found Polyvore, where we can make collages so easily. Of course, I'm so interested and excited on making some fashion collages. Planning on blog posting my creations on Polyvore whenever I don't have something to post, hehehe.

This is my first amateur works on My Polyvore :)

Stripe Rocks

Red Never Ends

Cute Glam

The Calm Spring

If you have Polyvore too, just do visit mine, comment, like, follow, and I'll try to see yours too. :*
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