Sunday, December 29, 2013

[Poem] Lari


Aku ingin lari!
Lari ke masa lalu
Lalu mencari start baru
Hingga ku tak melemah di masa kini

Aku ingin lari!
Lari ke masa depan
Aku penasaran
Lelah dengan lemahku kini

Oh Tuhan, mana mungkin
Mana mungkin lari semauku?

Beri aku petunjuk, Ya Tuhan
Untuk kiniku

Haruskah kini ku cari start baru?
Atau kini ku tetap lari dengan lemahku?
Apa kelak Kau akan kuatkanku?

Aku linglung, Ya Tuhan
Apa kau sedang menegurku?
Memperlihatkan sesuatu padaku?
Atau di sini memang jalurku?

Kini, nanti, dan lalu
Dari-Mu, ku tahu terbaik untukku
Mohon kekuatan, Ya Tuhan
Entah aku lanjut berlari di jalur ini
Atau bertemu start baru di jalur lain

Surabaya, 28 12 2013
07.44 pm
 It's right when someone said that when we have a problem, when we're gloomy or sad, we can make a creation. That poem is one of my creation (now I'm feeling bad). And this (bad) drawing I drew with pencil is another creation of mine. I present this for my big families, MIZUMOUZA. I miss U so much, guys!

 photo 452fd4f6-bf1c-4046-a556-d08dbd88799b_zps5331e5b8.jpg

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Exploring Pasar Baru

Jast haved a trip to West Java with my lovely second family, MIZUMOUZA. On the first and second days, we have fun in Subang. Then, we went back to Bandung. On the third day, I spent a day shopping with my besties in Pasar Baru and Cibaduyut. Having a little budget, I spent most of money in Pasar Baru and just buying some "Bandung" t-shirts in Cibaduyut for some cousins. What a beautiful trip! :') I got some nice stuffs in low-cost!!! Just wanna tell you, guys, that you can play your style with all low-cost stuffs, like me.. Hehe..

 photo exploringpasarbaru_zps998e2ba0.jpg

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Oh my Blog!!!! Long time no see you. (Or maybe) Long time no writing on you!!! Being an architecture student makes me attacked by deadlines. My friend said I'm the deadliner. But certainly I'm bored with it. So, I took my 7th edition Hijabella magazine. Killed my boredom taking pictures of some of the pages. And then, wrote some comments, tagged what I like, and guessed the designers of the clothes. More exciting than the deadline -.-

I like Hijabella magazine. Cause it's an Islamic teen magazine. In this edition (7th), for the fashion rubric (and actually the others too)...

I love these styles so much:
 photo CYMERA_20131218_163316_zps7a7cb9bf.jpg
 photo CYMERA_20131218_151911_zps9a38e45f.jpg

I wonder if I wear these stuffs:
 photo CYMERA_20131218_160316_zpsbb5f36b4.jpg

Love these cool-unique-sweet-cheerful stuffs and wanna make the similar things:
 photo CYMERA_20131218_160154_zps41430b7e.jpg

My wanna-have items:
 photo CYMERA_20131218_155844_zps43d12811.jpg

I did guessing the designer of each item (It's stated that the items are designed by Dian Pelangi and Lenny Agustin):
 photo CYMERA_20131218_150013_zpsa68f8339.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20131218_150407_zps44654f98.jpg
I'm sure the clothes in the pictures above were designed by Lenny Agustin. I always admire her designs. You can look the great details of origami here, can't you? I'm sure you can! (Cause I made the arrows, hehe)

And actually I love all items in all the pictures and I did the comments here. Thank you for reading, guys. And now, it's your time to leave your comments for this post. I'd like to see your comments :')

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014: Bringing Indonesia to the World

Membawa fashion Indonesia ke kancah internasional? Pasti banyak hal yang perlu dilakukan. Salah satunya adalah membuat even-even fashion besar berskala internasional. Salah satu even fashion besar yang baru saja selesai diselenggarakan adalah Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. Perhelatan mode akbar yang menampilkan tren mode 2014 ini diselenggarakan di Senayan City, Jakarta mulai tanggal 19-25 Oktober 2013. Penyelenggaraan Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2014 ini diharapkan dapat mendekatkan langkah Indonesia menuju cita-cita sebagai salah satu pusat mode Asia, dan selanjutnya tentunya dunia.
Tahun ini, JFW 2014 menampilkan karya dari 240 desainer/label fashion, 7 desainer internasional, dan 3000 outfit yang dikenakan oleh 350 model, dengan lebih dari 75 show di Fashion Tent dan Fashion Atrium, Senayan City. “Penyelenggaraan JFW 2014 yang melibatkan desainer, model, hingga jumlah show lebih banyak dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya tidak hanya menempatkan Jakarta Fashion Week sebagai fashion week utama di negeri ini. Jakarta Fashion Week sebagai even berskala internasional adalah bukti kecintaan kita semua kepada industri fashion ini”, tutur Marie Elka Pangestu, Menteri Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif. “Dengan tema ‘Bringing Indonesia to the World’, JFW memiliki makna penting bagi bangsa kita untuk menjadikan fashion Indonesia semakin diakui dan diterima oleh masyarakat dunia”, lanjutnya.

Pembukaan JFW 2014

Di panggung fashion tent hari pertama, ada show dari desainer binaan “Indonesia Fashion Forward” yang merupakan kolaborasi antara Jakarta Fashion Week, British Council, dan Center of Fashion Enterprise, serta didukung oleh Kementrian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif. Show “Indonesia Fashion Forward 1” menampilkan desainer kategori premium ready to wear, yaitu Friederich Herman, Jeffry Tan, dan Major Minor. Dilanjutkan dengan show “Indonesia Fashion Forward 2” yang menampilkan karya-karya desainer kategori busana muslim, yaitu Jenahara Nasution, Nur Zahra, dan Dian Pelangi. Selanjutnya, desainer kategori luxury ready to wear, yaitu Albert Yanuar, Toton, dan Yosafat memamerkan karya-karyanya di show “Indonesia Fashion Forward 3”. Terakhir, show “Indonesia Fashion Forward” ini ditutup dengan show “Indonesia Fashion Forward 4” yang menampilkan karya-karya gemilang dari desainer Tex Saverio.
Albert Yanuar

Dian Pelangi
Hari kedua JFW 2014, ada juga beberapa show yang tampil memukau, di antaranya “Troika” karya Rumah Ayu. Ada juga beberapa artis yang menampilkan karya fashion mereka melalui Grazia Glitz & Glam “The Style Journey”, yaitu Ariel, Luna Maya, Pevita Pearce, Shandy Aulia, Denada, dan Afgan. Selanjutnya, ada juga show dari karya mahasiswa fashion Binus International School “The Mystical Borneo”, Sarinah The Indonesia Emporium “Modern in Heritage”, “Signature 2014” dari LaSalle Collage International Jakarta, serta “Luxury Moslem Designer” dari Itang Yunasz, Ronald V. Gaghana, dan Deden Siswanto.
"Signature 2014" by LaSalle College International Jakarta
Pevita Pearce
Shandy Aulia
Hari terakhir JFW 2014 dimeriahkan pula dengan beberapa fashion show yang menarik, yaitu “Indonesia Memanggil” (Obin), “D’Java” (Erin Ugaru, Kursein Karzai, dan Rya Baraba), “Voyage” (Norma Moi, Nabilla Ayumi, dan Fitri Aulia), Fashion Council presents Lomba Perancang Mode (LPM) Graduates dan LPM Enterpreneur Award, serta penampilan terakhir yang luar biasa dari “Dewi Fashion Knights” (Oscar Lawalata, Populo Batik, Priyo Oktaviano, Tex Saverio, dan Toton Januar).
Tex Saverio

Source: Hijabella magazine (7th edition)
*This post is dedicated for PJTD FTSP ITS

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Magazine Freak

Huwaaaaa.... Long time no blogging made me crazyyeeeeh...

About ten days ago I had a flight (again) from Manado to Surabaya. And I'm as a magazine freak, couldn't fly well without any fashion magazine, haha. So, I decided to buy any magazine I saw. And I got a Wonder Teen Magz. But, it's not the point. The happiest thing for me was to find two rubrics that discussed about my favorite designer and fashion blogger, Dian Pelangi and Sonia Eryka.

 photo DSCN9651_zpsa3e92f92.jpg
Don't notice the plastic bag :)
These pictures show you the best part of the rubrics that I love so much.

 photo SoniaEryka2_zps68d48d34.jpg
*The blue line says, "Wardah loves this part so much" haha :D

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sew the White, Green, and Brown

I had a patterned fabric and wanted to pour my ideas with it. But it's not enough to bring all my ideas into reality. So, after a long time in confusion, I decided to make it into two pieces of clothes. They're an oversized-cropped-sleeveless top (belongs to me) and a cropped-sleeveless top (belongs to my sister). :)

sewing photo Sewing_zps89dc4f55.jpg

*Actually, the oversized one was an inadvertence. I didn't really want it to become an oversized top, but it's really good to become it's now. Cause, I haven't had such a stuff like that ;)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Orange Sisters

My sister and I wore a same item for Idul Fitri. We both chose a sleeveless maxi dress. It's pastel orange -or whatever the name is, maybe coral- and each of us mix it with other outfit till it matched our eyes. :)

My sister chose to mix it with red and I chose gray. Ok, honestly, that's all what we have. We used what we've had. There's too much fee we should pay today :(

I'm confused... It doesn't look like orange in the pictures. :[

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Idul Fitri 1434 H

Assalamualaikum, Dears...

Today is a big day for moslems. The day where everyone see and apologize each other. And now, I also apologize to you for all my mistakes I might have done through this blog.

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum :)

I also send the 2nd card to Gita Gutawa, Diana Rikasari, Dian Pelangi, Lulu Elhasbu, Jezmine Blossom and Ria Miranda via twitter. Hope they see it and be glad of it :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion-Hearted Architect

Some months ago, I joined an entrance test to STISI Telkom and alhamdulillah, I passed it well. I have a seat in STISI Telkom Textile Craft and Fashion Design. How happy I was that day. But, since the grade of the university is not too good, I doubt to enter it. And also, my school wants all the students to pass the entrance test to national college/university.

Three weeks ago, I was tested to enter national college. I decided to choose Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember-Architecture as my first choice. And alhamdulillah, I passed it well. As my family wants it more than STISI Telkom, I decide to enter it, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember.

Actually my heart fight. I leave STISI Telkom heavily, because the major I'll take there is my hobby, fashion. But I think, be an architecture undergraduate student doesn't forbid me to still love fashion and work on it. Though I'll be an architegture undergraduate student, I still wanna be a fashion designer and have a fashion runway in young ages. I hope it so much. Being a youth succesful designer as them in these videos.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

MIZUMOUZA Graduation Ceremony (A Late Post)

It's maybe late for me to post this thigs about my graduation, but what can i do? I couldn't connect to the internet until last night. T,T

Senang sekali rasanya menjelang wisuda. Jangankan menjelang, setelah UN selesai pun kami (MIZUMOUZA) rasanya lega. Perjuangan kami 3 tahun di sekolah ini (MAN Insan Cendekia Gorontalo) nggak sia-sia!!! :D Kami bisa lulus sampai akhir. It's make a pride of us.
Apalagi setelah pengumuman UN, rasanya lega selega-leganya. Walaupun sayangnya di sore, petang, dan malamnya wajah sebagian besar kami muram semuram langit di waktu itu. Pengumuman SNMPTN agak mengecewakan bagi kami, tapi setidaknya masih ada yang masuk. Alhamdulillah...

Oke, back to the topic, hehe dr ts kayaknya OOT. Nah, wisuda itu kalo di Cendekia kalo kata Syahrini sesuatu banget. Mungkin teman-teman banyak yang lebih berpikir ke sisi psikologis, dramatis, dan romatisnya. Ya, yang sedih-sedih haru gitu. We will be separated after 3 years lived in togetherness :"(

Tapi, saya tidak. Bukan tidak sama sekali sih, tapi untuk wisuda, aku lebih banyak berpikir yang baik-baiknya lah. Konsep desain baju wisuda yg seragam, jilbab, sepatu ber-heels, dan make-up yang rata-rata anak putri (MIZU) masih 'anak bawang' itu yang justru menarik untukku. You know I like fashion ♥. Apalagi konsep dekorasi gedung yang kami buat dan kerjakan sendiri, menarik dan mengharukan. I do like art hehe. Dekorasi wisuda itu big thing and last thing we do together. Rasanya indah dan haru sekali menghabiskan saat-saat terakhir bersama di sekolah dengan dekorasi wisuda yang mati-matian, pagi hingga malam (anak putra, MOUZA).

Okelah, I don't really know how to write, these are some photos in my purple Nikon pocket camera :')

Sebagian siswa-siswi berprestasi
Guru-guru berprestasi
Tim paduan suara (Aku ikut 2 thn berturut2 :'))
With Ka Yayu (Alumni)
Bersama anak-anak jalan-pagi-nggak-jelas
With my parents

Our Batch's logo is set in the MIZUMOUZA pond

Tema kita Nusantara, that's why there is Wayang here

The only picture I got with teacher
Our decoration in evening
Nah, setelah graduation, itu berarti waktu kita (MIZUMOUZA) untuk berjuang, cari tempat kuliah sesuai minat dan kemampuan, bertahan hidup di tempat yang (mungkin) asing bagi kita, dan seterusnya. Perjalanan kita masih jauh, and we haven't been able to see what is our future. I ♥ U, MIZUMOUZA....
Keep silaturrahim ☺☺☺
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