Wednesday, September 14, 2016

(A Bit Poetic) Photo Diary: Food Junction Grand Pakuwon

At the edge of the road, I am waiting
I wait till no ending

I saw people laughing
With friends, they are singing
Aren't they waiting too?
Don't event know what is I am waiting to
Still, I am waiting
With the smile that I am faking

I saw a bunch of colorful things
Is that what I am waiting
Still, don't know what is the thing
I am waiting

It's been a long time I have waited
Seems those colorful things aren't what I am fated

I saw the light
But I got an overlighting
I am tired
I am waiting

But again, I saw people smiling
Laughing, singing, jumping
In each other hands, they are holding
Is that what I am waiting?



*this poetry is just a bunch of sentences, not based on anyone's story
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