Sunday, June 4, 2017

Recent Favorite: My Neighbor Charles

It's some weeks ago when I saw my friend's IG story, telling that she was currently watching a Korean TV show "My Neighbor Charles". Most of her stories gave me a thought that My Neighbor Charles tries to show people how Muslims, as the minority, live in Korea.

Last week, I remembered the IG stories and tried to search it on YouTube. Thanks to my uni's wifi and YouTube's save offline feature (I can even enjoy the cc subtitles), I could watch some episodes of My Neighbor Charles comfortably in my bedroom.

Apperantly, it's not the show about how Muslims in Korea. My Neighbor Charles shows us how foreigners live in Korea. It's not just some days, a week, or two weeks staying in an Airbnb house to enjoy the famous country. The foreigners are about to live in Korea in a long term. Some are immigrants, many of them came because of marriage, and there's also a story with religious reason.

The fact that the TV show is not as I expected was good because it gives me more knowledge than I thought it would. Of course, it wants to show us that people are different. Different culture means different perception, different attitude, different taste, and different everything. We need to respect to each other's. And I don't know whether it is because I'm in a state where I want to learn about relationship and parenting so badly or not, I learn some things about them too. Well, I'm a little bit confused which type of parenting I should choose in the future, but at least I realized that how Western educate children is different with Asian.

The most important thing: Language is a hindrance yet a help. Koreans don't speak English, which makes it difficult for foreigners to communicate with native Koreans. A woman can't even speak properly to her mother-in-law and discuss things about her child. Because it's a hindrance, language is also a help if we can master it. Doesn't it make you want to learn some languages of the country where the natives don't speak other than theirs? (like Korean, France, or Japan).

Well, it does for me.

Anyone has watched this too?

I'm still continuing to watch more episodes of the TV show.



*This post is written when I got asleep hardly after watching some episodes of it


  1. Aku juga suka nonton My Neighbour Charles, dari awal bahkan. Pernah ku review juga di blogku hehe. Tapi sempet ga nonton beberapa bulan dan baru mulai lagi yang episodenya Hong Hana. Sedih ya liat dia sampe depresi gitu, semoga dikuatkan..

  2. Iya, ternyata emang nggak gampang ya tinggal di negeri yang asing. Untungnya dia udah bisa bahasa korea ya. Insyaallah dia survive. Wah udah review ya? Nanti aku visit deh ya 😊


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