Friday, June 16, 2017

3 Things Indonesian Do During Ramadhan

Ramadhan is a holy month out of twelve other months of Hijriyah. It's a holy month because Muslim is supposed to do fasting every day in the month. Muslim is promised with a great reward for every good deed that's done in the month. Usually, people set some targets in their worship, like finishing reading a whole of the holy Quran and rousing the sunnah prayers.

However, besides the main things people do during Ramadhan, there are some cultures happen among Indonesian Muslim. Actually, the cultures may differ every region but generally, these are four of them:

Sahur On The Road (SOTR)
Ramadhan is all about sharing and togetherness. Some communities usually do SOTR in Ramadhan by giving people some food for suhoor. Having suhoor together, besides to get close to the society, is also to strengthen the connection in the community. I've personally never had this experience yet. Have any of you experienced it in Ramadhan?

Breaking the Fast (Iftar) Together
As Ramadhan is about togetherness, breaking the fast together seems like a mandatory activity. This event can be based on the alumnae of school and college, students from the same hometown, community members, or as little as BFFs.

While I was in senior high school, the intensity of this event is dense. We had iftar with the students from the same region today, tomorrow was with the foster sisters, the day after was with classmates and even ex-classmates. Sometimes, we cooked together too. Despite the intricacy, togetherness like this during Ramadhan is always be hoped for.

My iftar event with the alumnae of Insan Cendekia in Surabaya

Buying New Clothes
It's sale and promo everywhere! The modern shopping centers and traditional markets are crowded. The closer to Eid, the more crowded they can be. In my town in Kotamobagu, there is a temporary market called "Pasar Senggol" every Ramadhan. "Pasar" means market and "senggol" means nudge. Named Pasar Senggol because people tend to nudge each other in the market with the crowd.

I often go to my hometown during Ramadhan and actually, I'm not into the clothes sold here. They're not really good and the prices are not worth it. I sometimes buy the Eid clothes earlier in Surabaya before going home. Thanks to the internet, I can buy good Muslim clothes online even when I'm already in Kotamobagu. Moreover, I can shop by brands or category. I even can do window shopping by browsing all collections on the online store. Some of them are provided with the applications so we can do mobile shopping. What an easy way.

Well, those are the general things Indonesian do during Ramadhan. Would you mind to share the culture in your region that happens during Ramadhan? Comment down below!



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