Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dark Fashion Shopping List

Halo, dears...

How's your life? My mind is so blank. I have no idea about what to post. And campus life is coming, so I less care about my blog. Choosing cool stuffs on online store is easier though. My 'girl' eyes are still working if it's about cute things I found on online store. Hahaha.

So Dark
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So, as usual, and as I have done many times, I made shopping lists post again. Now, it's about dark colored items. Stay calm, it's not all black, girls. And although it's so dark, it's still so cute that you can't ignore.

Why dark? I think it's elegant. It's cool. It's swag. And talking about dark stuffs, you can add them to your look if you feel your look is already not simple. I just think if I wear dark stuffs, I can wear any cute accessories cause it will not look too much. It neutralizes the cuteness! Do you agree?

Dark Shopping List 1
Shopping links:
1. Cherry Snapback by KUKI
2. Transparent Platform Sandals by Something Borrowed
3. Loose Tapered Pants by Zalia
4. Polkadot Hat by Evil Wear
5. Felt Boots by ZALORA
6. Suede Bag by Primrose

Dark Shopping List 2
7. Abilene Dress by Kizzie
8. F21 Sandal by Prisky
9. Ceska Shoes by Proudly Shoes
10. Julio Straps Sandals by Prisky
11. Alik Sandals by In Her Shoes
12. Hazel Pants by Kizzie

And I'm so sorry it's really just a list, cause I need more time to do the mix and match pictures. I promise I'll make the mix and match pictures soon. Make sure you buy them, girls. If you're lucky, you'll find them on sale! And if you've decided which one you want, buy it as soon as possible. They're so cool that they can be sold out as fast as you wink your eyes.

Happy shopping :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keep Calm and Wear Pastel

Assalamualaikum dears...

How're you going? I was very fine with holiday but unfortunately college time has began.

This time I wanna talk about pastel colors. What do you think of pastel colors? Based on Wikipedia, Pastels or pastel colors are the family of colors which, when described in the HSV color space, have high value and low to intermediate saturation. The name comes from pastels, art media characteristic of this color family. The colors of this family are usually described as soothing, soft, near neutral, milky, washed out, desaturated, lacking strong chromatic content. Pink, mauve and baby blue are typical pastel colors.

Pastel Example

I did a little research on pastels. I found an article explaining about how to dress or influence with color. In this article, written that you should wear pastel colors to appear calm and reassuring. Pastel colors are unassuming, quiet and diplomatic, calmly deflecting criticism.

Pastel Combination 1

I love pastel colors. It feels like you'll never be wrong mixing different pastel colors. As I've already mentioned it above, that pastel colors are near neutral. It's not a problem to mix them with every color you like. And also I love them, cause you'll never look overdressed. It's perfect for feminine look. It's simple yet elegant. The most important is they're never wrong, it's safe!
Pastel Combination 2

As they're so good, so I recommend you some outfits which are pastels. I'm so sure you'll love it like I do. So as usual, it's so easy. You choose the things you like from the image below and see the links. Click, add to cart/buy, pay, and you'll just need to wait your clothes to come to your door. Perfect shopping, right?

Pastel shopping list

Shopping links:
1. Chunky Heels by LZD
2. Pointed Heels by Something Borrowed
3. Berdine sling bag design by Ally & Lynn
4. Oversized Long Sleeve Jacket by Something Borrowed
5. Goldish Belt design by Harlow
6. Gemstone Statement Necklace by Something Borrowed

And oh, I've added a widget on my blog sidebar. It's Zocko widget where you can also choose any other stuffs I've chosen. Happy shopping dear...
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