Sunday, October 25, 2015

Malik Moestaram on the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival

I think I'm quite slow progressing on my blog. The event was held 2 weeks ago and I still write a post about it until today. But believe me, Pals, this will be the last post about the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival.

Let's just get to the point. The last fashion show that was shown in the event was from Malik Moestaram with his collection, "Cruces Cultura".

The collection I saw that time was so rich in colors and patterns. Not really my style, but I love some of the cutting. And I love some flowy dresses too.

I don't know what the collection really mean. And I also can't find many descriptions about it on google, but Google Translate said that Cruces Cultura means cross culture in Spanish.

I always love this kind of pose

So, because this is the last post about this year's Moslem Fashion Festival, I hope I'm able to see this event again next year. And I hope it is in the better position. At least, I can get an invitation come from nowhere (I don't know where), maybe? Hahaha. I also hope this event can grow well in Surabaya and Surabaya can have more events like this. See ya next year, Moslem Fashion Festival!



Monday, October 19, 2015

Tuty Adib on the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival


I'm back today to show you more photos, still from the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival. Still in the same day, the fashion show was held right after Restu Anggraini's collection show.

The fashion show was from Tuty Adib's collection, Sinaran.

It's written 'Tuti', but it's 'Tuty' on google
Tuty Adib is not a new name in moslem fashion industry. She has started being in the fashion world since 2000, specializing in high-end fashion and brides wear for Moslem. (CNN Indonesia, 2015)

From the collection, I can see the elegant, feminine, and bold fashion. For some clothes that came out the first, the colors we frequently saw were black, gray, white, and pink. And out of all the colors, we much saw batik. She brings batik to the top with minimalistic color.

I really love the dress on the right. Feels like hanbok from Korea for me.

 Not just being bold with black, this collection was also bold with orange. Orange came out through both the batik and solid fabrics. I love the way the models throw the super wide skirt here and there, made the dresses flow around the models. Beautiful!

The details on the back side of the dresses were the piece of art too. They're something you don't want to miss. Fyi, this 'Sinaran' collection was also showed in the Indonesia International Islamic Fashion & Products 2015 that was held last September in Jakarta.



Thursday, October 15, 2015

Restu Anggraini on the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival

Hello, Pals!

I'm so excited with this post. Because I'm gonna share you some photos of a fashion show. As I said before, I went to the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival on its last day. That day, some national designers were invited to show their collections.

One of the designers that showed her collections was Restu Anggraini. She's a young Moslem fashion designer, whose design (based on my sight) is modest and simple. For this event, the collection that was shown was Femme de La Creme, which (probably) means Cream Woman. Like the name, I can see that the collection consisted of Crème clothes that were designed for women. So beautiful. I love the outerwear. Well, I always love outerwear.

I love the clothes. I am a lover of outerwear and the collection is full of it. For me, the outerwear is so innovative. An outerwear seems like a long coat mixed with a cropped blazer while another outerwear seems like a long coat mixed with a vest. Some outer wears are flowy while some others seem stiff. What made me say "wow" is a loop cloth that was layered on the top of a long coat.

The last photo shows us the designer, Restu Anggraini (the woman bringing a doll). You know what? Right after the event, I went to the food court to buy some snacks and I saw her walked casually with slippers without anyone disturbing or taking photos with her. It's like, "Oh my God, really? I want to take just a photo with her." But I didn't.



Sunday, October 4, 2015


Assalamualaikum, Pals!

Campus life is a little bit harder now. It's getting tough. Hectic weeks. No holidays. Never-ending assignments.

"So, this is how the third year of college is", I thought.

I don't have the time to blog. The ideas of what to post don't even come to me. My mind is full of assignments and organization tasks and I can't even think clearly about them.

"I'm on my way to be mature now", I guessed.

I think that being on the third year of college now is a little bit the same with the first year. I need to learn how to organize the schedule. How to divide the time I have into academics, organization, hobbies, and refreshing. It's an adaptation. Again.

I miss my holiday. I could take as many photoshoots as I want. Put on some lipsticks and eyeliner. Making collages as soon as I was getting an idea. But again, this is an adaptation. To be a mature version of me. To be a person with a thing.

I don't want to be a person who complains all the time. I even had a promise with myself not to write any complaining status on social medias. I did a little bit, though :( But that's just because, I need to waste the unknown yet bad feeling out of my body. I even made it more into humor so people won't feel my negative energy. Some statuses were deleted soon too. Really...

What I'm so thankful is that this blog still has the audiences even when the latest posts were some late posts and not some up-to-date posts. Big thanks to some blogger communities I join. The communities really do affect my ability and luck in blogging.

See you, Pals. I do really need your positive energy by commenting below.


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