Monday, January 25, 2016

WOW 1st GIVEAWAY: The Lucky Ones

Hello, Pals! How are you? I hope you're fine :)

Last week, I made a mini giveaway for my readers and promised to announce the chosen ones on January 25th, which is today. And that's what I'll announce in this post.

Before mentioning the two people who will receive the shopping voucher codes, I want to thank you all who participated on my very first giveaway event. For those who sent me e-mail, tweets, or even just shared the giveaway information. I was pessimistic at first, because I don't have many pageviews and followers, I thought there will be no participants. But, surely I was wrong. So, thank you so much.

I love all your comments about my blog posts, guys. It's so difficult for me to choose the lucky ones. I think it's because twitter lets you to write in only 160 characters, so you couldn't express as much as you want. That's why, I don't know much what you really thought about my blog posts.

However, I should choose two comments, right?

So, the 2 chosen comments are:
1. Intan N. Kamala Sari (@inokari_)

2. Shilvia D. Cahyani (by e-mail)
" my fav. Sangat lucu, menggemaskan dan juga menginspirasi. Makes me wanna dress up like that!"

Congratulations for both of you! I'll contact you soon to send the shopping voucher.

Wait for more giveaway by me!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

World Of Wardah 1st Giveaway

Hello, Pals...

It's been almost a month. Unintentionally, I had a hiatus because of the end-of-semester hectic weeks. And after the hectic weeks, I was just lack of ideas. My latest post was a post participating for a blogging competition, that -alhamdulillah- could be the winner.

Winning the 1st place in Cantik Blogging Competition, I got some amounts of shopping voucher that I couldn't spend alone for myself. So after a long hiatus, and because my birthday is in January, I'm making my 1st blog giveaway. This is a mini giveaway, cause you don't need to give much effort and the prize is also not big.

Here are the rules:
  1. Follow my twitter @wardahwow
  2. Choose a post you like from this blog
  3. Write a post on twitter, which contains the link of your favorite post and the reason of liking the post
  4. Don't forget to mention me on twitter @wardahwow
  5. Submit your twitter post until January 24th, 2016 at 11.59 pm
  1. I will announce two lucky readers on January 25th, 2016
  2. Every lucky reader will get shopping voucher valued IDR100.000
Every one of you has a big possibility to win the shopping voucher. Oh, and if you don't have a twitter account, you can send me an e-mail ( and just write as if you write it on twitter. So, feel free to join this giveaway, Pals!


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