Sunday, October 28, 2012

Idul Adha 1433 H: Hijab Mizu Style

Happy Idul Adha 1433 H!!! All moslems are happy this day, children, teenagers, and adult, all celebrate it happily. As usual, Idul Adha is a time for the girls in MAN Insan Cendekia Gorontalo to dress up! Celebrating this special day of Islam with sacrifacing some cows or goats and for teenagers like us, we wear our special stuffs, our beloved dresses. And this is some pictures of MIZU (The girls of MIZUMOUZA, the 14th batch of MAN Insan Cendekia Gorontalo).

The HEADBANDers, the way we put our headbands on our hijabs:

The CHILDREN and temporary BABIES' HOLDER:
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