Sunday, November 13, 2011

Idul Adha!!!

Idul Adha, Insan Cendekia Islamic Boarding School (my school) is full of dressing up. Me, my friends, my junior, my senior, even my teachers. Alhamdulillah... It's a beautiful day last week. My school handled 12 cows in this day of sacrifice. And unfortunately, my class is consist of just 6 girls to handle the meat of a cow.. Uh, so tired but happy.. Because the boys also helped the girls and we ate in my friend's home.. Hmm... Such a delicious food...

Rose = Me

Me, Wardah. Wardah is a word in Arabic. My grandpa gave it to me after I was born. It means rose in English, or Mawar in Indonesian. It's also one of a cosmetic brand, haha.. Yeah, it's not important, so what??

Rose, my name, become this blog's name (also my code name in one of my class, X.1 or ISOTONE, I ♥ this class so much). I also ♥ the kind of flower. And I also like ribbon on most of my design of clothes. That's why this is Rose in The Ribbon. :)

This is some of eid's picture (it's much of late but it' better than never) with my name, Rose. I wore my dress, my own dress, designed by me, and made by my Mom. I ♥ this. And alhamdulillah, some friends also like this. I know it's late, but it's better than never.

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