Sunday, September 27, 2015

An Afternoon in Coban Rondo: The Waterfall

Hello again, Pals!

I promise this is the last post about my latest holiday trip, hahaha. This time was finally the Coban Rondo Waterfall. Well, actually the word 'coban' means waterfall and 'rondo' means widow. It is named as it is because a tale about a queen who lost her husband after coming there. Sounds terrible, huh? But I don't care because I'm single hahaha.

So, after coming to the Labyrinth, we headed for the waterfall by motorcycle. We went through the uphill and intricate road, surrounded by high trees, that was chic and instagrammable. That's cool for photos, guys! Believe me. I haven't tried yet, though.

The air around the waterfall was a little bit colder than in the labyrinth. It's not just the air actually, but we can also feel the sparks of water, which was fell from the up of the waterfall, broken by the stones at the bottom.

All we do was -of course- taking photos!

See ya, cool kids!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Accidental Outfit Photo Shoot

For you to not get boring with my holiday posts, I'm writing this accidental outfit post, hahaha. Why is it accidental?

Last week on Saturday, I attended my senior's graduation. Since it's an important event, I dress up more than when I go to campus. And you know what? It's like, right after saying "happy graduation" and taking pictures, my friends and I went to do the on-site survey for our Architectural Design assignment. Without changing my clothes.

Do you realize it? I wore the same clothes for graduation event and survey. But fortunately, it was at dusk, a good time for taking pictures, hahaha. And, there were a lot of materials for waterways laid there. "A good background", I thought. That's why it was an accidental photo shoot.

Glasses by Google Swags

Beloved photographer and survey mate



Thursday, September 17, 2015

An Afternoon in Coban Rondo: The Labyrinth

Halo, Pals!

I know it's not a holiday time, but having a holiday trip with the lovely friends took much of my time. I didn't do blogging on my vacation, which made me late to post my trip on the blog. Although, holiday posts will never be out of date, will they? By the way, this post and the upcoming post will be full of photos. Cause that is what nowadays trips are for hahaha.

So, a day after our Panderman trip, my friends and I continued our trip to Coban Rondo, which is also in Batu.We went there in the afternoon. Coban Rondo is actually a waterfall, but the developer made some playing spots around it too.

We paid IDR 16,000 for every person and IDR 4,000 per motorcycle to get in and enjoy only the waterfall. So, if you want to try the other playing spots, you'll need to pay other fees. My friends and I decided to try the Labyrinth first before going to the waterfall. If I'm not wrong, we paid IDR 10,000 per person to get in the Labyrinth.

And yes, as I said it before, all we do were taking photos. And searched for each other, cause we're divided into two teams. My team were the last to reach the fountain, that was the center and the point of the Labyrinth. It's not easy to reach the center, you know? We even reached there through the shortcut. It's not something to be proud of, we know. But we didn't have much time. It's almost dusk! (Excuses, excuses, excuses)

See ya...


Monday, September 14, 2015

Panderman Hill: It's All About Being Together

Out of my lack competency in making a friend, I always thank God for having friends who are also family. They're like home, whom I tell my worries to and with whom I share my happiness. They're my vacation mates, my friends since Senior High School.

From every trip I took with my friends, I learn that it's not the destination which is most important but the journey is. When we struggled to go up together, we support each other. "The top of Panderman Hill is just for those who don't give up", that's what we always said to support each other when we're on the way to the top of Panderman hill.


Thank you so much for having me on your vacations, Guys. I always want you all on my next holiday trips. And also, I want you in every journey in my life. Love you so much from Earth to the Pluto :*



Thursday, September 10, 2015

Panderman Hill: When the Stars Seemed Closer

Being in a hiatus for almost a month makes me feel guilty to my blog since I've made some targets in January for this year. It's not because I don't have anything to tell. Otherwise, I have so many things to tell you about. But, I have a big event that took much time of me.

So, after the long hiatus, in this post I want to share you my very first time climbing a hill. Yeah, it's not a mountain, but it's also so high. And because I'm a beginner, it's a high reach for me.

I went to Panderman Hill with my forever family Senior High School friends. We went up to the top of the hill in the dusk hoping to enjoy the evening on the top and see the sun rising in the dawn. When people can go up for 3 hours, we need 7 hours. Yes, we're all beginners!

We came to the top at midnight and the stars are soooo awesome! Mashaa Allah, it's what's good about having a trip. It's to increase our faith after seeing His 'artworks'. I've never seen as many stars as I saw that day.

The temperature was so low, but I didn't want to waste my time sleeping in the tent early like my other girl friends did. So, I took my camera and learnt from my friend about how to take photos of the night sky.

For the sunrise, I woke up as early as I can to see the sun went out after hiding behind the mountain. And like the stars in the midnight, the sunrise was also awesome added by the clouds I saw below me.

So, here are the just-so-little of photos

See you again in the next post about Panderman!


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