Saturday, November 8, 2014

Event: The 5th Moslem Fashion Festival (Global Ethnic)

It's very late post but I just wanna share a few photos I got from the event I've waited for a year. It's the 5th Moslem Fashion Festival, held anually in Surabaya. I know it for just this 2 years and it's always held in Royal Plaza, Surabaya. As a fashion lover and a beginner in fashion, I exactly want to see this event. I've lost my chance to see it last year. So, for this year I never wanted to miss it again. Even I soon came back to Surabaya after celebrating Eid Adha in my hometown in Gresik.

So, these are some amateur photos I got. I came late I guess, so it's difficult to get the good ones. By the Way, this is just one of the event. There are some competitions, but I just came for the fashion show event.

 photo 2ec588aa-a264-446c-bf53-b88b3865ccf5_zps97264bd6.jpg
 photo 20141005_200227_zps1f07eb9d.jpg
 photo 20141005_200206_zpscebae3b3.jpg
 photo 20141005_200140_zpsbe97f81e.jpg
 photo 20141005_194948_zps7f2efed3.jpg
 photo 20141005_194600_zps9c234d9f.jpg
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