Friday, June 23, 2017

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017: GREYZONE

Well, I know it's the end of June already, but it won't stop me from posting about an event held in May. May is actually an exciting month because there are some sort of events held in Surabaya for the city's birthday celebration. Between all the events, Surabaya Fashion Parade is the one I don't want to miss since last year.

Alhamdulillah, I got invitations for two shows this year in Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017. The first show I came to was presented by Fashion Design students of UNESA. Themed "Greyzone", there were 4 collections made by the final year students.

Funtastic Force
Red, yellow, and green. Those three colors welcomed the audience when the show began. The silhouettes were simple. The explorations were more in the geometrical play applied in the clothings. Patterns were also used in this collection.

The Murk
As the collection's name was The Murk, dark colors like navy blue and grey were the dominant colors of the collection. The dark-colored daily wear collection was spiced up by the hexagon patterns applied both in repetition through pattern or accents; and individual way through the accessories.

The name gave me a glimpse of the collection's goal, which was to show the anti-mainstream basic. The basic that's not so basic. Neutral colors were all that I saw in this collection. Shades of brown, grey, and white were used. I love this collection, because with its simplicity in color and pattern, I could see clearly the uniqueness of the cutting. I really love unique cutting.

With all the hijab fashion items shown in this collection, its eastern name didn't surprise us. Grey is the basic color of this collection, matched with the freshness of blue and the shine of egg-yolk-like yellow. I don't have a deep knowledge in fashion, but I guess I saw A-silhouette all over the collection. Pleats and layering style were mostly applied in this collection.



*shoutout to bae who took the photos of Zameena collection. I bet you see the difference, huh? I need to improve my photography skill, I wanna cry T.T

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