Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brown on Brown Look

Finally, I got the chance, time, and the real spirit to write a blog post since I become more procrastinating this holiday. And for this time, this is an outfit post. Yeah! Well, let's just get to the point because I don't have much to tell.

This time, I tried to wear one color in a look. Almost everything was the same color. Everything was brown. Brown-white striped circle top (or outerwear?), brown jogger pants, mostly-brown pashmina, gold (which is close to brown) reflective sandals, and even brown necklace. The bag was the only item that was not brown because the exact same color in one look is just boring. And the bag was borrowed from my sister just for this amateur photo shoot. (Poor me don't have a good bag)

The top is actually not easy to define. Is it a top or an outerwear? It's a kind of cape you should wear by passing your head through the neckline, like wearing a blouse or t-shirt. The main thing is it's quite loose, so I think it will be good to be paired with skirts or pants that are not too loose. I chose to wear jogger pants because it's so easy to find these days. And just so you can comfortably wear your 'cape' to the mall. But because it's quite short, pairing it with a wide skirt is not bad I think. Should I try next time?

In this look, I wear pattern on pattern, but in the same color, like what I've written on my past blog post about pattern items. The pattern items were the striped outerwear which was paired with the floral pashmina, which I wore as my recent-like hijab style. I played safe here with the patterns in same color.

Something Borrowed Double-Band Reflective Sandals

Any opinions? Let me know through your comments!



Friday, July 17, 2015

Welcoming Eid al-Fitr 1436 H

We are finally here, in the end of Ramadhan, welcoming the big day, Eid al-Fitr. There's a tradition here, in this small city where I live. In the last three nights of Ramadhan, people will put some bottle lamps in front of their houses and some fields. The lamps are made of an old stamina drink bottle, with a hole on the cap as the place for a burner. We turn on the lamps by filling the bottles with kerosene and using matches, make the little fire. In Gorontalo, it’s called Tumbilotohe. Mongondow people (an ethnic group in North Sulawesi) named it Tuntul (read as Tuntur with the dim ‘R’).

The field was ready decorated for eid prayer
Actually, I’ve lived in the city for a long time, more than 12 years. To be honest, this was my first time enjoying Tuntul by coming to the field. Usually, I just enjoyed Tuntul while passing through the street.

When I was a child, I was always happy when the Tuntul’s time comes. The neighborhood was usually full of children playing the lamps. We tried to attract others by letting our fingers passing through the fire and saying it’s a magic cause our fingers didn’t get burnt. Actually, it’s the fast move, so we exactly didn’t get burnt hahaha.

They formed some alphabets, but I didn't know what they're writing
I heard two stories about Tuntul. One said it’s to ease angels to find our houses in Lailatul Qadr or something like that. Another said it’s to lighten the people’s way to the mosque for i’tikaf in the past when electrical lamp didn’t exist. I don’t know which one is right, the second one is logic though. But, Tuntul  is just something I always miss from Ramadhan here, in my small city, Kotamobagu.

Last, I want to apologize you all the readers for all the mistakes I've made both in my blogging life and real life. May our good deeds can help us in our afterlife. Taqobbalallahu minna wa minkum, shiyamana wa shiyamakum. Eid Mubarak, friends!



Sunday, July 12, 2015

Face The Wind and Shine

Have you ever felt like there are so many problems you doubt you can handle?
Then, you feel desperate...
Deciding to give up,
going another way

But do you ever think that perhaps a problem is like the wind?

You might be uneasy because it blows your clothes
It makes you need to put your hands here and there...
to make sure some parts of your body stay covered

But perhaps,
if you know how to face it
The best angle to see it
You might get the best pose on camera

You could be a better person after going through the problems
You could feel yourself shining,
striking a pose,
facing the wind with a good angle

face the wind
and shine!

A self-reminder,


Monday, July 6, 2015

When Navy Meets Others on the Rooftop


Hello, Dear. How are you? How is your Ramadhan, your holiday? I have nothing to do this holiday in my hometown (actually I have a task from the student union). But, I have a quite wide rooftop where I, a shy girl, can take some photos of me myself.

So, I decided to have some outfit photos taken on the messy rooftop. I admit that I have no tripod and use a stack of jerry cans to put my camera, haha. So, this is it! My outfit photos.

I currently love navy or dark blue (well, whatever its name). I just feel it matches every color. White, pink, yellow, baby blue, black, green, pretty much everything.

I am an active Instagram user, who never wants to miss any photo on my feed. My feed is mostly filled with OOTD photos and I see crop top everywhere. And you are what you read see on Instagram, so I also want to wear one. Since it may make us look taller. Oh and anyway, I've ever posted about how to style your crop tops.

I think it's good to mix my crop top with jogger pants (or jasmine pants? It seems so loose to me), so my hips will be concealed. And an oversized shirt worn as outerwear add more helps on concealing it.

And, I don't have any explanation about the shoes. That's my mother's. I just bring a pair of shoes and, in fact, I don't have many shoes, so I just wore them. It's good they matched other items.

Good Bye,


*p.s. I didn't look good on the photos (I mean it didn't focus on me) because I used the timer and still don't know how to use the focus well while using the timer. That's why I didn't take detail photos too.
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