Monday, February 29, 2016

2016 Colors Styling Ideas

Hello, Pals!

It was a day when I was confused what to post on this lovely blog when I decided to make some fashion collages on Polyvore. I found a beautiful pink sweater, and voila! This is how the serendipity started.

Do you know that on the beginning of 2016, Pantone launched their 2016 colors, serenity blue and rose quartz? Well, I'm not really good at identifying the difference between close colors. I just named them simply baby blue and pink.

So, here are the collages!


This is the sweater I told you earlier. Because it has many flowers on the shoulder, I decided to make a feminine look. I think this look is suitable for indoor activities, where the AC is on. And look at the shoes! It's so 2016 colors!

2016 colors #1


Look two is so simple and young. The blue mini dress can be worn as a top, layered with the blue bomber jacket. And because the pants and bags are pink, let's simply take a pair of white sneakers! Cool for the campus, huh?

2016 colors #4


The next look, I paired the patterned shirt with the textured mini skirt. And for the blue color, I grab a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers. Sophisticated!

2016 colors #2


For hijabi, don't be sad because the off-shoulder top is in. We can wear it too with a shirt inside. Blue heels are good for the blue tops. Pair them with pink wide leg pants, white bag, and pink scarf and voila! You're ready for a semi-formal event.

2016 colors #3

The two 2016 colors from Pantone looks so harmony together. But, if you're not brave enough to pair two different colors, you can always mix them with white colors. Happy trying! ^_^



Monday, February 22, 2016

A Sunday in Marvell City: From Random Photos To Women Classes

Hello, Pals! It's so sad that the internet connectivity here was so hard to get. So, once I got connected to wi-fi, I wrote this post as soon as possible.

Yesterday, my friends and I were about to have some classes on Srikandi Project's event, BeYOUtiful. The event took place in a new mix-used building, named Marvell City. This building is new so we decided to come earlier, so we won't be late because we didn't know where to park or something like that. And to avoid rain too. And we're right, it's a bit difficult to find the parking area for motorcycles (always like that for a marvelous mall).

My first impression was, wow. This Marvell City is marvelous. After coming into a building, we went up by travelator and we're outside again! Then, we found the mall, where the event took place. A good place with tree branches theme. But I didn't take many photos of the mall, cause you know, I'm a shy girl. But we did take some photos of us inside. There were many photo boots inside, But my favorite was the 3-D flower background.

Blurry Maulysa-Wardah-Ana

Good, but blurry again, but good

12 o'clock, the Baking Class we would join wasn't started yet. We decided to pray Dzuhur first and then came back again. And here we are, joining baking class because it was in a package classes with Female Fashion Drawing Class.

The Baking Class was by Ladang Lima, a company producing and selling gluten-free products. We're taught to make Waffle and Raisin Almond Cookies using their gluten-free flour that's actually made from cassava. The first cooking was Waffle. They really cooked it and gave it to the participants. I don't know if it was because it's really delicious or just because I was hungry, but it's so tasteful.

The chef was making waffle dough

The waffle!

This girl was so active. Asking when no one was asking.
The chefs were not allowed to use oven or frying pan here, so the gluten-free cookies were ready and they gave us some. And there were in the goodie bags too. Again, I don't know if it was because it's really delicious or just because I was hungry, but it's so tasteful. And I got veggie noodle in my goodie bag too.

3 o'clock, again, the class came late. This class (Female Fashion Drawing) was my main goal today. You know, I'm really into fashion and have a dream on it. But, I used to forget it a bit because of my academic and organization activities. So happy for having a chance to recall my dream again. Wardah is on fire!!! But the college tasks were waiting actually :(

Everyone was serious

Finally I can draw legs!

The tutor's name was Nadya Luqyana. She's an illustrator in Jawa Pos (a top newsletter in Surabaya) and she learned drawing by autodidact. I (or all participants) was shocked to know that the tutor was still in her 2nd semester in college. And her drawings are awesome!!!

Two of Nadya's works

Everyone in the female fashion drawing class
Nadya Luqyana wore red top and choker, the 2nd girl from right

So, that was the end of my journey in Marvell City yesterday. Thank you Srikandi Project for making such a good event for all women!



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