Monday, May 7, 2018

My Way of Dressing #1: Layering, Personal Touch, Affordable

Location: Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru, East Java

My personal style/way of dressing includes these 3:

1. Layering, it allows me to come with tons of different possible look with same items. Plus, sometimes non-hijab items are so freaking pretty and to be able to wear that, I must do some layering. Personally, I think layering makes me do some efforts and making effort is more satisfying.

2. Adding some personal touch. Literally. Making from scratch isn't a must, of course, adding some beads or patches also works. No one will ever have the precisely same item as me! In this case, I added some beads to the shoulder parts of my denim jacket and made fringe to the old jeans. This denim jacket is my current favorite.

3. Affordable. What's affordable to each person is different so just chill. For me, even buying an H&M sweater is still a luxury.

To support the statement of me keeping my style affordable, these are the details of how I got the items I wear in the pictures:

Gray Scarf
Traditional Market, IDR17.000. Just a basic Saudia square scarf.

Round Sunnies
Royal Plaza Surabaya, IDR50.000/2 sunnies

Long Sleeve White Shirt
"Tokomuslim" on Shopee apps, IDR32.000

Denim Jeans
"Shelly_shop" on Shopee apps, IDR94.500
The beads are from "centralhandmade" on Shopee apps, IDR2.600-2.700/pack

Black Belt
Stroberi, IDR30.000-ish. It has holes along the whole belt, so convenient for the petite me who always finds it difficult to get a fitted belt.

Culotte Jeans
My aunt's. I made some fringe on the hems, following a tutorial on YouTube. I lost track of the tutorial video I follow so you can search "fringe denim tutorial" or something like that on YouTube. There are some types of fringe so choose anything you want for your jeans.

A classic black Converse shoes. My sister gave me hers because she doesn't wear it anymore.

That's how I dress and I think it works for me. Tell me what's yours! It might be helpful.



Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Window Shopping + Dressing Up = Fun!

Weekends can be so boring when I don't take a job, friends are not around, and it's not a good time to work on college tasks. Well, it's not just weekend, but the random thought that always appears in my mind when I'm bored is:


I'm not really do shopping. Just window shopping. Although I now realize that shopping is so much better and healing. If just I don't need to think about money. Sigh.

It's probably 3 weeks ago when I was so bored and after a long time thinking, I decided to go to a shopping mall, my favorite, Tunjungan Plaza. Alone.

Another thing I realized was that the fun thing about going to the mall isn't the coming itself, but also the dressing-up part. It's so fun to be able to wear more layers comfortably than usual because it's a cold place. It's also fun to put more makeup on my face confidently because no one will judge. Plus, I could step up my 'dressing up' game by trying accessories at the stores. My favorite place is H&M recently. Sunnies and shoes are my favorite sections because I can just try it on once I see it.

No, obviously not buying anything that day because I bought a pair of shoes already at a cheaper store.



Friday, February 23, 2018

An Attempt to Contemporary Bohemian Style

... and I thought it was a fail.

I believe that the no #1 rule of being authenticly stylish is not to stick to any rule. However, I'm not saying the following pictures you'll see showing the concept of bohemian style.

It was my duty day and the event was themed bohemian. Everything is bohemian-inspired. So, rather than buying new clothes (and sandals), I peeked into my old wardrobe and found my sister's tribal top. And you know? I think there are just 2 bohemian items that I wore that day. They're the top and the necklace that you won't see unless I told you. I wore my DIY kimono outerwear because boho is usually defined with loose outerwear, but this outerwear is actually... just not.

Well, let's say my upper part's bohemian style was saved by the top. The lower parts will be no boho at all. For the pants, it's another treasure from my old wardrobe, my aunt's old jeans. It won't matter if I just let the hem be and wear heels. But I am on the documentation team, so I prefer wearing a pair of comfortable sneakers and double-rolled up my jeans.

VoilĂ ! A mix of bohemian and... hip hop?



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