Saturday, August 17, 2019

Not-So-Empty Day #2: My First IGTV Video

Spending so much time on YouTube, someday I watched a tutorial on how to edit videos on a mobile phone. And you know what? I'm interested. That's it. That's the main idea of today's post. LOL.

It's one day after Eid Al-Adha and my little cousins had their school holiday. My family and I went to a beach in Lamongan. It's just a short getaway near the house and I recorded some footages. Today, I edited the videos into a one-minute video and uploaded it on IGTV. My first IGTV video! It's obviously not so important, but, you know, just in case you want to know, I also post it here (turned out not so good).

Today's sad news: I missed an internship vacancy I've been eyeing since last week. It's purely my procrastinating self's mistake. *praying for myself*



Friday, August 16, 2019

Not-So-Empty Day #1: A Beginning

Well, unlike the title, my life's been, I've been, so empty these days (if not months)...

Of course, I was so happy to finally be graduated from uni. Nonetheless, it's totally not the kind of happiness following an achievement. It's a kind of feeling I got after doing my laundry when in fact, I hate it, I'm tired of it, I never do it well.

And here I am. Being in days of feeling so blank, not knowing what to do, doubts, recalling childhood's dreams. What adds more weight to it is obviously social media. People bragging about how productive they are, how much they earn at their first jobs, etc, etc. I know it's super toxic but I still don't have a plan to sign out anyway. My bad.

Sometimes I think I should start getting a career in the same field I took in uni unless I just want to make those 5,5 years wasted. Another day, I am sure it's not a problem to pursue a career in other fields as well as starting my own business. Every day having the cycle of those two thoughts make me very unproductive and I end up doing nothing. It leads to me being sad and empty.

So now, with the "Not-So-Empty" series, my goal is just to not add more days to those 5,5 years (it might be 6 by now) wasted of my life. I want to appreciate each of small activities I do and creations I make every single day. It's a commitment to write a diary for someone who can't organize any physical diary book. It's like keeping a track of where my money goes to. Hopefully, I can keep a track of what I use my time for.

Indeed, what you're reading now is today's creation.



Sunday, October 28, 2018

One Fine Day in Bromo (A Throwback)

I'm not a fan of nature. If you ask me any places I wanna go, I'll likely say every city, every country I knew. But nature may not be my main reason. Even after knowing this beautiful place on Earth, I still don't change. However, I come to understand why people love exploring the beauty of nature. Beauty it is. God loves beauty and so does His creature, human.


This is a story including a trip by Wardah Beauty Agent Surabaya. We named it a Beauty Trip. Days after days, for works we're falling so deep. Target, funds, deal, participant. So after all the struggling days, to the mountain, we went. I'm not interested in something very mainstream but Bromo, you're beautiful.

I don't know exactly what beauty is tho. I don't know what makes Bromo beautiful. I didn't understand about nature and still don't. And I can't define what makes a scene of nature beautiful. Is it dramatic? Is it green? Is it about harmony? Is it dynamic?

I was amazed by how Bromo is. The green savanna. The zigzag hills. The whispering sand. The friendship among its features.

Friendship? What is friendship? Making harmony? Uniting differences? Sacrifice?

I tried to catch them all into my camera. But a lens doesn't do the just. We have five senses yet it only catches for a sense, visual. And no matter how many tricks I used to edit the pictures, the real Bromo is more dramatic.



*ps: I miss my fellow old WBA haha
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