Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017: Moslem Runway (Part 2)

New month, new life? Which girl will decline to wear a gorgeous princess-y dress in the ceremony of her new life a.k.a wedding day? These two designers' collections at Moslem Runway Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017 are the eye vitamin for girls who aim to have princess dress on her wedding.

Despite various types of the gown, all the bridal gowns in Rasya's collection fall wide from the waist area. They have 'tail', the skirts were longer at the back. Various kinds of fabrics were used, such as metallic, solid, transparent, and textured ones. There's a dress with elegant details with grid-textured fabric and gold lace, remind me of an era in European architecture/art. I always pay attention to a show's accessories or properties. And I fall for the twig-like headpieces on the models' hijab.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017: Moslem Runway (Part 1)

After coming with my first post about Surabaya Fashion Parade 2017 featuring UNESA's fashion show, this is the time to share what I saw on the 3rd day of SFP 2017, Moslem Runway. The first part of this series will show you some daily wear collections.

I'm sure the designer has improved her skill. Compared to the collection shown at last year's SFP "Elmira by Saffana", this year's collection is more dynamic. Still, I could see feminine touch in the collection. Different textures of fabrics were used, from the strength of velvet to the dramatic tulle. Magenta and sapphire blue played the main role, completing the broken white flowy fabrics.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Breezy Fun Day in Pantai Babo

The sun was peeking through the spaces formed by the series of coconut tree leaves. The grayish sand met the waves of the sea. People ran happily, built their own castles by the sea. The fresh green of trees faded into dark blue as the distance become further. Three islets invited us to come into them. The meeting of the skies of blue and the teal sea? OOTD pictures we did!

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