Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Teenagers

Being teenagers is a blessing. It's when we can express our creativities and ideas freely, but not considered a kid anymore. A lot of activities require us to wear anything comfortable. But the wild side of us forbid us to look so usual. We want extraordinary looks all day!

So, I think teenagers need to have fashion items that are easy to mix. So we don't get bored with only one look for each item.

1. Denim Pants
I think I don't need to explain any reason to have this item. Even everyone may not have any reason on wearing them. Jeans are appropriate for casual use and comfortable enough for a lot of activities teenagers have. And oh, roll up your pants once while wearing flats and twice for boots.
2. Solid Tops
This is the second item in this post that I don't need to write a lot of explanations. With a solid top, you could wear anything. From casual look to formal look. Pants from skirts. Floral or tribal scarves? Anything! Black and white or gray are basics!
3. Striped Tops
I found striped tops have a similar function with solid tops. You'll look good with only pairing it with a pair of jeans or a solid skirt. And you'll look cool with an addition of outerwear. And I think striped tops are really really cool for outerwear.
4. Sneakers and Slip-Ons
Teenagers must have an active life and a lot of activities. What do you need? Some comfort pairs of shoes! Choose your best sneakers and slip-ons!
5. Leather Jackets
Last but not least, which will be so needed for a young cool active famous teenagers. Yeah! That's leather jacket! You might get an addition feel of rock 'n roll. But it's good with dresses too.
And oh, I have a very good information for you, who wants to buy a leather jacket. I was informed that ZALORA sells some products of high-quality leather jackets on their JAKET KULIT page for you all fashion lovers who want to look cool and edgy. Not just their service is so good, they have some discounts too, especially for leather jackets! What every woman's eyes catch precisely. Lol.

So, what're you waiting for? Complete your wardrobe, dear Teenagers!



Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fall for Pink and Flowers

I think I've told you in the last post that I was falling for flowers. And it was a good day for me to get some flowers on The Culture and Flowers Parade. And for making it the perfect day, I took some photos with the flowers. A good thing that the parade took place near historical, old buildings.

And, by the way, I was wearing pink that day. That's why the title appeared like you read above.

For me, I love the photo on the left side so much. Cause it's the only photo that was taken properly. My smile didn't seem fake. And, it didn't show my baggy eyes. Poor me. Hahaha.More, I think I can share this photo on Instagram with a caption taken from an Indonesian song, melodramatic and romantic song. But, if you look the picture in its real dimension (before I did cropping), it's not good at all.

Hmm, the picture is vertically long, huh? I don't know what to write. Well, you'll see my baggy, tired eyes on a photo below. Still, I'm showing it because I love the composition. I was so thankful for wearing pink. I had a good decision that day.

And for the last photo, it's kind of an "is it done?" moment. I think some of you also know how it feels. It's when you already strike the same pose for some minutes and your friend (who's taking the picture) didn't move, still with the camera and pointing the camera on you. But you know, I like the photo, the candid photo. It looks even better because my baggy eyes didn't seem baggy. Once more a reason about baggy eyes. Architecture student's big problem.



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Culture and Flowers Parade (Part 3)


Assalamu alaikum, Dears...

Have you read my latest two posts? Actually, this were written right after the 3rd post, but I did a scheduled post and schedule this post to be published on Tuesday, so there's something you're waiting for. I hope.

In the 1st post, I've shared you some photos showing you the cars and flowers. While, in the 2nd post I've given you many pictures of unique and amazing costumes and characters. Now, in the 3rd post, I'll share some different photos.

Have I told you what's on the cars? Some of the cars had their "King" and "Queen". Yeah, I mean there were good-looking men and women on every car. They waved their hands on the car to be spotted in cameras. By the way, I went with my friend, which is a boy, and he kept saying "that girl is beautiful" and "that girl is beautiful". Like, "OMG, they're not on the cars if they're not beautiful". LOL
I love the way she sat in the front side of the car

I didn't get bored with the parade cause beside the cars full of flowers, there were also some groups of people performed marching band. Most of them are from some military schools or something like that. Which was so interesting and cool!

Do you remember? In the first part post, I told you that my campus also joined this parade. There were some students riding bicycles bringing some flowers. I came near to one of them (a girl) to ask for some flowers. But Alhamdulillah, she offered me before I ask for. Very happy! I dreamt of getting some flowers since a looooong time. Hahaha, a tragic no-boyfie girl's story. :")

Well, I think this is the last part of the serial posts about Culture and Flowers Parade 2015 in Surabaya. Doesn't mean I'll not share any photo from the day. It was a really great day. See ya.



Monday, May 4, 2015

Culture and Flowers Parade (Part 2)

Hello, Assalamu alaikum...

Well, this is the 2nd post of today. Have you read my latest post I wrote about 3 hours before this? It's the part 1 of this post. Still from yesterday's event, Culture and Flowers Parade, I'll share you other photos.

If the most photos in the latest post were the cars and flowers, in this post I'll show most about the people there. There were a lot of unique costumes they wore, from traditional and modern. There were also some imagination characters they played. There were a lot of costumes. A lotttt.

This were before the parade started

Sorry, Mbak. It's not a good pose to be in the picture, but the photograph is good.

She smiled and turned her face to me once I directed my camera to her

I really would like to continue this post, but it seems that I have a lot of photos. And there're already a lot here. So, see you in the part 3!



Culture and Flowers Parade (Part 1)

Assalamu alaikum...

It's been more than a week after my latest post and this is already May! Do you know what May means here in Surabaya? May means celebration. This city is celebrating its birthday. I don't know the exact date, but there are a lot of events held on May. And this year, Surabaya will be in its 722th year.

One of the events was held yesterday, on Sunday. That is "Parade Budaya dan Bunga" or in English it may be the Culture and Flower Parade. Like its name, there were a lot of cars decorated with flowers. A loooot of flowers. And there were also people wearing unique costumes.

I made this into more than a post, cause I took a lot of photos. Like, a looooot. Just some of them are good though. Since I was a beginner in using DSLR camera and don't know how to take a good photograph. So, these are some photos I took yesterday. I've edited them of course. In this post, the photos are most showing the cars and flowers. Enjoy them, people!

There are a lot of people watched this parade. It's so difficult to find a good spot to take photos at first.

Other cities even joined this parade

This is my campus' flower car. The simplest among all.

They're so cute, aren't they?
And also like the name, this parade also consisted of cultural things.

Even there were dancers danced India dance

Well, that's the part one. Wait for the next part, ok? These posts will be full of photos.

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