Sunday, August 17, 2014

Inspired by Red and White

Assalamualaikum Lovely Readers...

You know what? It's Independence Day!

It's Independence Day of Indonesia, my beloved country. A lot of people celebrate today anywhere, in any ways. Well, actually I'm not the one who think that celebrating Independence Day is very important. But, everyone does. I watched my favorite TV program, iLook NET. Their topic was about independence day and they showed some styling tips about wearing red and white since they're the colors of Indonesian flag. So, I GOT INSPIRED.

Well, every one has its own way to celebrate Independence Day. And this is mine :)

Red, White, and Black
- Wear your pants and blouse
- Put on your mini dress
- Wear your black pashmina
- Go on with your stilettos and a full-heart clutch

Red-White ft Black

Red, White, and Jeans
- Wear a pair of jeans and a skirt on your jeans
- Put on your 'selfie' sweater
- Wear a red pashmina
- Walk with a white slip-on and put on your 'selfie' hat
- Don't forget to bring your stylish backpack and wear you cool watch

Red-White ft Jeans

Red, White, and Gold
- Wear your stripes blouse
- Wear your maxi skirt (tuck the blouse in the skirt)
- Put your white veil on and pin it with a bleedy rose pin (it's cool)
- Put a gold-white belt on your skirt
- Be ready to proudly walk with platform sandals and a gold tote bag

Red-White ft Gold

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