Friday, October 24, 2014

Four Worlds of Carissa Cardi

Assalamu alaikum, lovely readers...

Today is Islamic new year. So, I'd like to say happy new year to all moslems in the world. May Allah blesses our life last year and this year. May us have a better life, better attitude, and improve our worship to Him.

By the way, after my latest post about how to style a blazer by Ria Miranda, I'm still being interested in styling another fashion item of local moslem fashion designers. And it's time for beautiful multi-talented artist, Zaskia Adya Mecca. She has a clothing line with a name taken from her name, Meccanism.

I chose an outerwear, Carissa Cardi, and style it into some looks. Well, an outerwear is the best fashion item we can wear for any styles.

Clean Look is so good for work or any formal occasion. Just make it simple, use monochrome colors, use less pattern or don't wear it at all.

Clean Look with Carissa Cardi

Feminine Look is so adorable and worth to see. Semi-formal occasion or a little party will need this look, especially for those who's like to show your elegance. Behave calmly with this look, sisters.

Feminine Look with Carissa Cardi

Casual Look will bring you into a stylish atmosphere of grocery shopping, girls. Going to a market and grocery shopping doesn't mean you can't be stylish, right? It's also available for you simple woman who doesn't want to look too much.

Casual Look with Carissa Cardi

Pop Look will surprise you, I'm sure. You might think that this gray cardigan will not suitable for this look. But I don't think that way. It will neutralize your pop colors, so they'll not look too much. Not all people like the idea of combining many colors in one look, right? We should bring comfort to people around us through fashion too, I think.
Pop Look with Carissa Cardi

*Picture of Carissa Cardi was taken from, that's why it has watermark.

Hope you like it, dear...


  1. I love your styling work! Pakai apa btw, polyvore kah?

    1. Iya :)
      Menyenangkan sekali buat yang suka styling tapi belum ada media prakteknya hehehe


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