Thursday, October 15, 2015

Restu Anggraini on the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival

Hello, Pals!

I'm so excited with this post. Because I'm gonna share you some photos of a fashion show. As I said before, I went to the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival on its last day. That day, some national designers were invited to show their collections.

One of the designers that showed her collections was Restu Anggraini. She's a young Moslem fashion designer, whose design (based on my sight) is modest and simple. For this event, the collection that was shown was Femme de La Creme, which (probably) means Cream Woman. Like the name, I can see that the collection consisted of Crème clothes that were designed for women. So beautiful. I love the outerwear. Well, I always love outerwear.

I love the clothes. I am a lover of outerwear and the collection is full of it. For me, the outerwear is so innovative. An outerwear seems like a long coat mixed with a cropped blazer while another outerwear seems like a long coat mixed with a vest. Some outer wears are flowy while some others seem stiff. What made me say "wow" is a loop cloth that was layered on the top of a long coat.

The last photo shows us the designer, Restu Anggraini (the woman bringing a doll). You know what? Right after the event, I went to the food court to buy some snacks and I saw her walked casually with slippers without anyone disturbing or taking photos with her. It's like, "Oh my God, really? I want to take just a photo with her." But I didn't.




  1. I like outerwear too. Btw, where this event held in?

  2. talk about 50 shades of beige. great collection!

  3. Femme de la Créme taken from phrase Créme de la Créme which means 'best of the best'. So we can say that Femme de la Créme is 'The best woman' or 'Woman on top' (top of career and bussiness.

    And.. This collection is showed at MB Japan Fashion Week!
    You see the hijab? It is inspired by Japanese traditional clothes.

    I read all informations from Laiqa Magazine :)

    And.. I really love this collection. I jelly you!! Really :')
    If I were you I'd literally run to her and say Hi even if I'm not going to take pic together :')

    1. OMG. I think it's a mistake not to search more references about this collection, because I'm too excited to post this a.s.a.p. That's why I tried to emphasize that anything from this post is based on my opinion and guessing.

      And I'm not that kind of a brave girl, dear :" hahaha

  4. Aaak kalo aku jadi kamu bakal minta foto tanpa basa-basi. Malu soal belakangan lah! XD

    1. Hahaha, kayaknya akunya yang terlalu pemalu kali ya Mbak...


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