Sunday, October 19, 2014

Styling Naomi Blazer by Ria Miranda

Assalamu alaikum, Lovely Readers...

I have a favorite fashion designer. I mean, I have many, but this time I wanna tell you just one of them. I think she's the first fashion designer I have my photograph with. And it's still the one and only now. Hehehe. I wish I could met more fashion designer later.

Yeah, she is Ria Miranda, a fashion designer, a queen of pastel. I've joined her talk show and yes! She's sooo calm. I love her designs, really amazing! But it doesn't mean I have one, because the price isn't for me. But... I wish I had one. Hehehe.

For inspiring me, I give one of her design a little styling tips. I'd be happy if she likes it.

So, people... This is it, my fashion collages made on Polyvore (again and always). Now, with a little change of collage style. Yeah, I never made an exact style for making collage.

So people, CHECK IT OUT!

Cool-Monochrome Naomi Blazer

Lady Naomi Blazer

Chic Naomi Blazer


  1. Love your mix and match! do you use polyvore or another app? just wanna to know, thankyou for sharing :)


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