Sunday, September 28, 2014

'Wear' the Seasons

Hello, lovely readers...

This time I wanna make, on Polyvore, sets that combines outfits pictures with rectangle photos. And no! It seems it's still bad. Sorry. But still, I wanna share you these collages.

This time, I was inspired by seasons. Spring, summer, winter, and fall. Oh, I wanna taste the seasons. Challenge myself to style based on the seasons. So here we are the hijab styles I tried to pour into collages. Again, I apologize for the bad results.

What I know about spring is that flowers are blooming everywhere. Showing up their beautiful colors. Green, pink, red, orange, purple. That's why I chose floral item for the 'Spring' style. Oh, I desire too see spring with my own eyes.

Spring Style

When I browse about summer, pictures of beaches come out. But I think the flowers still exist in this season. So, I bring swing dress and floral motif into this 'Summer' style.
Summer Style

I describe fall with romantic season. I watched Korean dramas and it's so romantic seeing people sit down on the bench while brown leaves are falling from the trees. I wanna taste it! I wrote 'brown', right? That's why the 'Fall' style is so brown.

Fall Style

Winter is... exactly cool. I mean cool for amazing and describing the temperature. Although I've never been in winter, I know that it's low in temperature when winter. And that's amazing because trees wear the snow instead of their leaves. I also want to be in the winter, because I can make an Olaf. Hahaha. And also, there are more items to be worn!!

Winter Style

Now, can I ask you to pray for me so I could go to four-seasons country? I don't mean to live there. I just want to... taste it.

Good bye, fabulous...

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