Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mint and The Shadow

I'm not sure how mint color is. But looking the colors on fashion magazines and fashion websites, it seems calm and chic. I love the color when it comes to fashion items. Ultimately I thought that mint color is the mix of blue and green in a light tone.

 photo m2_zps8a9b0af6.jpg

Then, I made it into a shirt. Yes, I made it! I mean, I sew it all almost by myself. Even I cut the fabrics myself without knowing the theory. That's why the shirt was so simple. Yeah, It's a learning by doing and I love it. And I want to do it again.

Actually I sew it by myself with a reason. No one can sew it for me because it was almost Idul Fitri when I started to sew it. The stitches were untidy and I screamed for every mistakes I did hahaha. The shirt was meant to be a cropped shirt, but an amateur tailor (me) made it not enough cropped. That's why I tucked the front side into a skirt.

I wore it with black items, because using black never goes wrong. And also, black is a component of shadow for every color, include mint.

 photo m1_zps0dfa069a.jpg

 photo m3_zpsb28965a8.jpg

 photo m4_zpsc697722a.jpg

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