Friday, May 20, 2016

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2016 Moslem Runway: Elmira, Maula, Juwita Heraris

Assalamualaikum, Pals...

Still from the Moslem Runway of Surabaya Fashion Parade 2016 that I attended last week, I'd like to share the next three collections I watched there. After sharing to you a glimpse about Ranti, Gemello, Elhijab, and Dwico in the last post, this is the time for Elmira by Saffana, Maula, and Juwita Heraris.

Elmira by Saffana
The words I say about this collection: feminine, bright, syar'i. You'll see layers of flowy fabrics, which is so girly I think. And the bright colorful colors comfort my eyes. The syar'i looks were such an Eid material.

In the beginning of the show, the audiences could see a video of 'Nemo' underwater. Then, a model wearing a bright pinky orange colors came. So eye-catchy! I thought I would be shown a collection full of bright pinky orange things, but no! The collection frankly represents the life underwater, from the 'Nemo' fish, seaweed, sea, shark, and even pearls. This is based on my perception, though. But really, I love the collection.

Juwita Heraris
After watching a collection of casual wears, we're provided the show of bridal collection. Themed "C'est Moi" (France: this is me), I could see beautiful gowns with the touch of 'European lady'. I really enjoyed the show because the background music was so 'Europe' too. And at that time, the girls probably imagined about their dream weddings, which gowns for reception and aqad suits them. I focused on taking pictures, though. Hahaha.

Okay, Pals. What do you think? Do you like the collection? Are you thinking about wearing them or, just like me, enjoying fashion in a fashion event? The review and explanation I wrote here and the last post and the next post about Surabaya Fashion Parade 2016 are purely my opinions and perceptions, guys. So, if you think of digging up about them, just google them and voila! You could find the true meaning of the designer. I'm trying to google them too anyway. So, see ya!



*Sorry for being late, but this is the last week of this semester and I have many tasks undone. Wish me luck! Thanks in advance, love you :*


  1. Ajak-ajaklah kalo ke acara beginian teh :3

  2. Ajak-ajaklah kalo ke acara beginian teh :3

    1. Iya tenang aja yang penting kita ketemu dulu lah neng. Sampe 3 kali gitu komennya euy


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