Monday, June 13, 2016

Surabaya Fashion Parade 2016 Moslem Runway:Alphiana Chandrajani, Nabeela Fashion, Jannah for Pasmira, Almara by Achmad Zaki

Finally! We're in the last part of my Surabaya Fashion Parade 2016 post series. This time, the shows were by Alphiana Chandrajani, Nabeela Fashion, Jannah for Pasmira, and Almara by Achmad Zaki.

Alphiana Chandrajani
Casual, masculine, a little bit ethnic. Dark colors dominated the collection of this moslem menswear.

K-lovers could be happy if they watched the show of Nabeela Fashion's "Catch & Match". The background musics were K-Pop songs and the styles were hip hop. Who says hijabi can't make a fast move?

And fyi, the designer was a girl kid. Unfortunately I didn't get the picture of her. Every body gave a big applause when she came into the runway.

Jannah for Pasmira
The long dresses were dark and simple.

Almara by Achmad Zaki
Honestly, this was not written on the invitation. So, when the show of Jannah for Pasmira ended, I thought it was the end of Moslem Runway. But a video about mother was played, and models were coming. The designs were varied, but I guess the emotion was about the nostalgic time with mothers or probably about the designer's mother.

Yeah, and the show ended! Moslem Runway was the only fashion show I came on Surabaya Fashion Parade 2016. Hope to come again to the next Surabaya Fashion Parade and being in the front row hopefully. Can anyone make this real, hahaha.



*I'm sorry. My camera was off in the middle of Jannah for Pasmira show, that's why the last show was taken with phone in bad quality.


  1. When I saw Surabaya, I jumped to this blog without thinking :D
    I'm going there by the end of this month. Your blog is nice though. Unlike mine, it's boring. I just started a blog anyway. Would you kindly visit mine and I don't know, let's be friends? Maybe? :) Cheers! ^^

    1. How could you say it's boring? Kamu kan baru mulai. Keep writing ya, aku jg masih macet ini.

      And I'd be so happy to find you on my personal contact!

  2. Lho ini Wardah yang ikut summer internship zetizen ya? Waaaaah blognya ternyata keren banget :) Anak hits fashion nih kayaknya hehe

    1. Huwaaa malu blog nya ditemuin sama crew zetizen. Thanks a lot!!! Aminin aja deh Mbak. Makin hits kalo bisa gabung jadi crew zetizen jg kali ya

  3. Interesting!
    Wait, I'm confused- are you from Malaysia or Indonesia?


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