Monday, December 26, 2016

Semut's Singapore Trip Day 4

This is actually not our last day, but this will be the last post about Semut's trip in Singapore. Just because.

Day 4: October 6th, 2016

#1 Art Science Museum

I have posted the building pictures of Art Science Museum in the 1st Day blog post. It's in the evening and I love the photo. You should check it out here! (Self-esteem increased)

Art Science Museum is in the same area with Marina Bay Sands. We even entered the Marina Bay Sands to get to the Art Science Museum.

Inside Marina Bay Sands

The Art Science Museum

This is where I proved that a museum can be so fun! I didn't take many pictures inside because I enjoyed it so much. I felt like going back to childhood (because most visitors were kids).

#2 Gardens by The Bay

Aaaand, this is not planned for me, but finally, I came inside the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest in Gardens by The Bay. It's a bit expensive to get inside the domes (SGD 27), so I had planned not to come in. But the travel guides persuaded a few people not going in (include me) to go in. And here I was, inside the isolations of vegetations from around the world.

The first dome was Flower Dome. It's like a museum, but for flowers.

The second dome was adventurous because there was a waterfall inside a dome! It's INSIDE! There were also vegetations inside, but for this post, I focused on how adventurous it was with the ramps we used to walk up around the dome.

I was walking on the ramp and it was so high

I took this picture from a ramp and there were still ramps above
So, guys, that's all my post about Semut's Study Trip to Singapore. I know these posts are lacking in everything. I had much fun there and didn't take enough photos to share with you. Hope we could someday meet in a fun trip together!



*By the way, guys, I lack idea nowadays. Do you have any idea on what topic I could post? I want to have a fashion post so bad.

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