Monday, December 19, 2016

Semut's Singapore Trip Day 3

 Day 3: October 5th, 2016

#1 Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

It's amazing to be here. We could see the development of Singapore from the past and how it is developed to be a modern city in the present, and even the future plan of the city.

In URA, we could find a miniature/maquette of Singapore. Remember the Singapore National Stadium we visited on the 2nd day? The miniature was there too.

The Singapore National Stadium has a roof that can be opened whenever needed
We could play some interactive games in URA

#2 Building Construction Authority (BCA)

The next destination was still in case of study. We went to Building Construction Authority (BCA). I thought this was where building construction technology being researched. They had Sky Lab which was on the top of a building. There, they researched materials and natural lighting for buildings. Its lab even could rotate to find the best natural lighting for buildings.

Besides, BCA also has a Zero Energy Building. Just because its name has "zero", doesn't mean it doesn't use energy. It uses energy and produces energy at the same time. It's the energy net which is zero (0).

A side of Zero Energy Building

BCA Sky Lab
*I studied hard so that I don't have many good photos there :D

#3 Handerson Waves Bridge

It's time for a tiring refreshing! Yeah, it's a refreshing destination but we had to climb the hill (or it's not climbing and probably not a hill) to reach Handerson Waves Bridge.

The structures are beautiful and so instagrammable! Taking photos were exactly the main activity here!

Where couples spent their romantic time together :"

This bench was amazingly comfortable and ergonomic

It's good to take sitting-pose photos here, but watch out! IYKWIM

Me wearing the bag owned by a friend next to me. We're following my instruction of course
I hope you're not getting bored because the last part of this trip is in the next post.




  1. Love the way you look sooooo fashionable! 😍

    1. ahaha, thank you! I thought it's the only day I look fashionable in Singapore.


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