Sunday, November 29, 2015

Every Artwork is A Perfect Photo Background

Do you agree with the title? Nowadays, people are so usual with photographs. The existence of Instagram and other visual-based social media makes everybody a photographer, a journalist. People are starving on good pictures.

And well, me too. Hahaha. I have warned you to be ready seeing my face on many photos, right? Hahaha. Yes, you're right. This is still about Biennale Jatim 6 I visited last week. Every single photo where my face is shown was taken by my friend, Cahya (well, who else?).

This is Cahya
Remember the space with pop art atmosphere? We tried to imitate the expressions.

And imitated the fashion installations too...

"Gula Itu Merah, Jendral!" probably was the favourite of most people who came here. Because there were some wings for us to take some pictures. I did too to look like angels. But, I was also interested in a big writing "Manisnya Gula". Felt like "I'm sweet, so I want a picture with me under it" hahaha.

Unfortunately blurred :(

 As I promised in the post part 2, you'll see the wall which was full of bran.

Cahya saw the next room and she was sooo excited. Since she was a kind-hearted girl who's active in campus teaching program called ITS Mengajar and she loves children so much.

And the time came. The spaces below made me oh-so-happy and resulted in oh-so-happy pictures.

We're so tired walking and were very happy to find a sofa

How? Get bored with my face? It's your lucky day because we finally come to the last photo, "vespa commercial poster".

So, do you agree that artworks are perfect for photo background or set?
I'm hoping to see you soon, Pals. Oh, and please pray for my final projects. Thank you for your time that was spent to visit this blog!



*Ok, I lied. This is really the last picture. We tried to take pictures with the timer, but we got caught!

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