Sunday, November 22, 2015

An Artsy Saturday Night at Biennale Jatim 6 (part 1)

"Arts Ecosystem: Now!"

That tagline succeeded to make my curiosity coming out. I imagined amazing paintings, fantastic installations, a cool event to be reviewed on the blog! Because there will be many good photographs I guessed. And yes, it's not many but soooo many. I'm very confused to pick the photos I want to post. Because they're all so cool and I want you to see all of the artworks. That's why this post will be in more than a part. I even didn't take the pictures of all the artworks and I'm still confused. When I edited the photos, I've just realized why I was so tired while walking around the exhibition.

This year's Biennale Jatim is the 6th and this event, according to the website, is held once in 2 years. Biennale Jatim 6 is held in Balai Pemuda Surabaya in 11th-24th of November. So, there are 2 days more for you to come!

The painting welcomed us
I came with my friend, Cahya right after maghrib and it was quiet there. We filled the guest book and decided to really enjoy the artworks without touching the camera (especially me) in the first round and would take another round for just taking pictures. But apparently it's not a good decision because the situation became crowded in our second round.

Coming to the exhibition, we're welcomed with a very big painting. Well, most of the paintings there were in the big sizes or in small sizes but were put in a certain way so people could enjoy from a few meters (well I learned architecture here). There were also some stories of this event and history of art in Surabaya.

Stepping to the next door, we still saw paintings...

The fish looks clearer in the photo
My friend, Cahya, with the painting that tells about traffic jam and Jakarta's busway
It looks 3D from a certain angle
Actually, there were more paintings but I didn't take all of them in photographs. We stepped up through a small stair. Here, we see three-dimensional artworks. This space was full of people and it's so difficult to take a photo.

Made of used bicycles and pipes
The 'mushrooms' are made of ceramics

The insects were made of recycled glass
A part of a wood doll land
Next, some designed rooms. Each room was decorated in a certain theme...

Next space gave a little pop atmosphere...

And finally, I saw fashion!

Next step was...
Wanna know more?
See ya in the next post!




  1. Omg, this' the very first time reading your blog containing such an awesome photographs and reviews. Mind to visit back? Lol

    1. OMG, a professional reporter commented on my post O.O
      Is this really the first? LOL. Ok, wait for my comment!


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