Sunday, November 29, 2015

An Artsy Saturday Night at Biennale Jatim 6 (part 2)

Assalamualaikum, Pals. It was already last week, but I want to continue to our next steps in Biennale Jatim 6. Next step was in front of the fashion installations. It was a dark room and I found some pieces like this:

It's made of used scanner and it's turned on!
Next room was really red. It's a historical artwork with the wall written with an old timeline about sugar industry in Indonesia in the colonial era. Still in the same room, a decoration was created like a dreamland on the red sky, completed with flying houses, clouds, and wings (for photo freak). This artwork was titled "Gula Itu Merah, Jendral" or "The Sugar is Red, General!".

Many people came as couples :"
Stepped to the next room, our noses were touched by the contaminated air. It's a room with the wall filled of bran, the waste of rice milling. You'll see the wall on my next post, Pals.

I think they're art students. Came to write down the artworks and the artists.

Seems like a crime scene, huh?

They're drawn with pencils, Pals 0.0

I love this room below. It has an installation made of used bicycle. I thought of spinning it, but I was doubt because we're forbidden to touch the artworks in the first time we enter the exhibition. But I saw someone spinning it on Instagram -.-

The dolls were made of reused bottle

A decor inspiration for those who loves pop and vintage in the same time
 And finally, we're so close to the exit door! We found some 'vehicles', hahaha.

You probably wonder why there's no pictures of me in 2 posts about this event. Don't get it wrong, Pals! I'm still the face of this blog. So, prepare yourself. You should be ready to be bored seeing my face on the next post.

See ya,


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