Sunday, October 25, 2015

Malik Moestaram on the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival

I think I'm quite slow progressing on my blog. The event was held 2 weeks ago and I still write a post about it until today. But believe me, Pals, this will be the last post about the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival.

Let's just get to the point. The last fashion show that was shown in the event was from Malik Moestaram with his collection, "Cruces Cultura".

The collection I saw that time was so rich in colors and patterns. Not really my style, but I love some of the cutting. And I love some flowy dresses too.

I don't know what the collection really mean. And I also can't find many descriptions about it on google, but Google Translate said that Cruces Cultura means cross culture in Spanish.

I always love this kind of pose

So, because this is the last post about this year's Moslem Fashion Festival, I hope I'm able to see this event again next year. And I hope it is in the better position. At least, I can get an invitation come from nowhere (I don't know where), maybe? Hahaha. I also hope this event can grow well in Surabaya and Surabaya can have more events like this. See ya next year, Moslem Fashion Festival!



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