Monday, October 19, 2015

Tuty Adib on the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival


I'm back today to show you more photos, still from the 6th Annual Moslem Fashion Festival. Still in the same day, the fashion show was held right after Restu Anggraini's collection show.

The fashion show was from Tuty Adib's collection, Sinaran.

It's written 'Tuti', but it's 'Tuty' on google
Tuty Adib is not a new name in moslem fashion industry. She has started being in the fashion world since 2000, specializing in high-end fashion and brides wear for Moslem. (CNN Indonesia, 2015)

From the collection, I can see the elegant, feminine, and bold fashion. For some clothes that came out the first, the colors we frequently saw were black, gray, white, and pink. And out of all the colors, we much saw batik. She brings batik to the top with minimalistic color.

I really love the dress on the right. Feels like hanbok from Korea for me.

 Not just being bold with black, this collection was also bold with orange. Orange came out through both the batik and solid fabrics. I love the way the models throw the super wide skirt here and there, made the dresses flow around the models. Beautiful!

The details on the back side of the dresses were the piece of art too. They're something you don't want to miss. Fyi, this 'Sinaran' collection was also showed in the Indonesia International Islamic Fashion & Products 2015 that was held last September in Jakarta.




  1. Actually I got this invitation too.. But the showtime was never exact for me. :((

    1. Wah sayang banget, tau gitu kan bisa ketemu sekaliaaan...

  2. gaunnya keren - keren :D Indonesia banget hehe

    1. Iya, desainernya banyak memanfaatkan kain indonesia :)


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