Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Culture and Flowers Parade (Part 3)


Assalamu alaikum, Dears...

Have you read my latest two posts? Actually, this were written right after the 3rd post, but I did a scheduled post and schedule this post to be published on Tuesday, so there's something you're waiting for. I hope.

In the 1st post, I've shared you some photos showing you the cars and flowers. While, in the 2nd post I've given you many pictures of unique and amazing costumes and characters. Now, in the 3rd post, I'll share some different photos.

Have I told you what's on the cars? Some of the cars had their "King" and "Queen". Yeah, I mean there were good-looking men and women on every car. They waved their hands on the car to be spotted in cameras. By the way, I went with my friend, which is a boy, and he kept saying "that girl is beautiful" and "that girl is beautiful". Like, "OMG, they're not on the cars if they're not beautiful". LOL
I love the way she sat in the front side of the car

I didn't get bored with the parade cause beside the cars full of flowers, there were also some groups of people performed marching band. Most of them are from some military schools or something like that. Which was so interesting and cool!

Do you remember? In the first part post, I told you that my campus also joined this parade. There were some students riding bicycles bringing some flowers. I came near to one of them (a girl) to ask for some flowers. But Alhamdulillah, she offered me before I ask for. Very happy! I dreamt of getting some flowers since a looooong time. Hahaha, a tragic no-boyfie girl's story. :")

Well, I think this is the last part of the serial posts about Culture and Flowers Parade 2015 in Surabaya. Doesn't mean I'll not share any photo from the day. It was a really great day. See ya.




  1. actually when I am reading this post, I just spotted at the first picture.. haha, fresh and beauty.. however, nice "trilogies" post Wardah, keep writing ya. see you on top!

    1. Thanks Fan. Sengaja foto yang itu ditaroh di atas hehehe #wardahnakal
      And aamiin, we'll be on top!

  2. Udah lama ngga pernah liat parade2 kayak gini, terakhir liat keriaan waktu Jokowi jadi presiden di bundaran HI doang :D

    1. Wah kebalikan nih. Kalo saya ini malah kayaknya pertama kali liat parade bunga gini. Pernah sih tahun lalu tapi bukan yang bunga-bungaan gini


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