Monday, May 4, 2015

Culture and Flowers Parade (Part 2)

Hello, Assalamu alaikum...

Well, this is the 2nd post of today. Have you read my latest post I wrote about 3 hours before this? It's the part 1 of this post. Still from yesterday's event, Culture and Flowers Parade, I'll share you other photos.

If the most photos in the latest post were the cars and flowers, in this post I'll show most about the people there. There were a lot of unique costumes they wore, from traditional and modern. There were also some imagination characters they played. There were a lot of costumes. A lotttt.

This were before the parade started

Sorry, Mbak. It's not a good pose to be in the picture, but the photograph is good.

She smiled and turned her face to me once I directed my camera to her

I really would like to continue this post, but it seems that I have a lot of photos. And there're already a lot here. So, see you in the part 3!



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