Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fall for Pink and Flowers

I think I've told you in the last post that I was falling for flowers. And it was a good day for me to get some flowers on The Culture and Flowers Parade. And for making it the perfect day, I took some photos with the flowers. A good thing that the parade took place near historical, old buildings.

And, by the way, I was wearing pink that day. That's why the title appeared like you read above.

For me, I love the photo on the left side so much. Cause it's the only photo that was taken properly. My smile didn't seem fake. And, it didn't show my baggy eyes. Poor me. Hahaha.More, I think I can share this photo on Instagram with a caption taken from an Indonesian song, melodramatic and romantic song. But, if you look the picture in its real dimension (before I did cropping), it's not good at all.

Hmm, the picture is vertically long, huh? I don't know what to write. Well, you'll see my baggy, tired eyes on a photo below. Still, I'm showing it because I love the composition. I was so thankful for wearing pink. I had a good decision that day.

And for the last photo, it's kind of an "is it done?" moment. I think some of you also know how it feels. It's when you already strike the same pose for some minutes and your friend (who's taking the picture) didn't move, still with the camera and pointing the camera on you. But you know, I like the photo, the candid photo. It looks even better because my baggy eyes didn't seem baggy. Once more a reason about baggy eyes. Architecture student's big problem.




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