Tuesday, June 9, 2015

And Finally I Got the Pose

Assalamualaikum, Dears…

How’s your life? How’s your city? The city where I live in, Surabaya, is still celebrating its birthday. The series of events were continuing, one of the events is Urban Culture Festival 2015 that was held yesterday in Tunjungan Street.

The event used “Dolanan Jadoel” or “Old Traditional Games” as the theme. The goal was to remind us to traditional games we played in the past, which were so rare nowadays. And also, to show the kids nowadays that Indonesia has many traditional games that can unite people, not just individual games we play on smartphone (even if we play it on a team, we’ll just face a screen without any physical interaction). So, we could see many traditional games along Tunjungan Street. Besides, I also see a fashion street show from Arva School of Fashion Design and a lot of balloons.

The kids were playing a big snakes and ladders
I'm lucky, cause there was another lighting from another camera
Actually it’s not easy to choose a title for this post. At first, I wanted to use “Surabaya Urban Culture Festival 2015”, but I didn’t take many photos about the events. But I just can tell you that the street was so crowded and I found something unique. The road was covered with carpet.

Can you see the red carpet?

What (my sister) and I captured was ootd pictures. Even, I didn’t plan to bring my camera, but my sister had dressed up and ready for photo taking at the time she picked me up. She said ‘take the camera’ and I couldn’t refuse it. It’s so bad I wore the same pink outfit as my other post, Fall for Pink and Flowers. My sister and I wore pink outfits, made me think to use kind of word ‘Pink Sisters’ for the post title. But then I thought, I just want to post my photos. Hehehe.

Then, I took a look to the photos we got there. I learned something. I did a lot of poses and I thought I’ve found my best pose. Yeah, it’s not the ‘trying-to-be-cool’, sad face, or elegant pose. I think I look good with the fun poses. It’s whenever I have smile or laughter on my face.

Oh, and I want to mention some tips for you:
Wear pink with blue. The mixed of those two colors are just pretty and feminine. But, also pay attention with the tones! You may want to use both in vibrant colors, but I'm not supposed to do it. Both colors in pastel are safe. Or if you want to wear vibrant color, so just pick one of them, is it pink or blue that you want to be in vibrant color. Wearing dark blue is also pretty good.
Use your long necklace if you think your top and scarf are too empty, without any contrast pattern or details. You can still show the long necklace without having to wear the veil that just covers your neck. I didn’t recommend you to use that kind of veil.

See you!



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