Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review: What I Bought on Bilna


Hello guys, how's your life? What do you usually do on Sunday? Watching movies/TV? Playing Doing sport? Shopping? As a college student, I have some assignments, but I admit it's like so hard to work on holiday. What about you? What I do on Sunday or other holiday are blogging (exactly), watching some (lookbook) videos, sometimes drawing, and a little shopping.

Talking about shopping, where do you guys usually go shopping? Well, I'm sure you'll go to a mall. I do too, but for grocery shopping, I go to a supermarket near to my dorm. It's cheaper. Some of you must go online shopping, I bet. I rarely do online shopping. I know what's fun about it. It's after making an order and waiting for your order to come, when it comes to your door, and when you open it!

I found this one stop online shopping, Bilna. I even added the widget on my sidebar. As I wrote, it's a one stop online shop, where you can buy some kinds of things. You can find any products in the sort of beauty, baby needs, healthy products, home decor, gadgets, cosmetics, clothes, and even groceries. It's really complete!

This shop is really a new name coming to my ears. So, I did checking the site and browsing some products. I'm really interested in their beauty products. It's quite complete. You can find some international brands too. So finally, I decided to buy a lipstick from Oriflame. It's Oriflame Very Me Lip Addict. I saw the packaging and I thought that it's so 'teenagers' with that hot pink case. That's why I chose it. And yes, I'm right. The lipstick is not too bold to use for teenagers, may be because I chose the blush pink one. I recommend it for teenagers or any girl who wanted her lips to be moist and still need colors. Cause it has variants of colors. Oh, and it has a good smell too. What I regretted from buying the lipstick is that it's glossy. I don't really like glossy lips. I did recheck the site and I found it's apparently a lip gloss. I didn't read the detail of this product, which said that it's glossy. I suggest you to read carefully the details of a product you'll buy online. Surely.

Not satisfied with just a lipstick to buy, I tried to browse drinking bottles. I thought I need one, cause I usually buy a bottle of mineral water per day in campus and added the volume of rubbish in the world. I thought having a drinking bottle is good, for the environment and money saving. Hahaha. It took a lot of time for me to choose the right one. There are a lot of drinking bottles there in Bilna. And they're all good and cute. So finally, I chose a beige bottle from Reduce. It has a good shape and lovely pattern! And I really love it!

So, what are you waiting for? This is the era of internet. You can do anything through internet, even grocery shopping. I've tried Bilna online store and the service is so good. It's good for you to try. So, happy shopping!


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