Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Youtube Channels that Keep Me Inspired


Howdy, friends. How are you? This time, I'm not sharing about online shops or telling you my mix and match ideas. But, I want to tell you the sources. I mean, everyone's head is not really empty when making or creating things, right? They must have got some knowledges. I mean, inspiration!

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Books, magazines, internet, seminars, nature, or even people around you. I can learn from the things I mentioned before. But as I'm an internet person -who can't live without internet, I learn a lot from internet. And I share my thoughts via internet too.

Lately, I love seeing videos. Besides learning about fashion, I can train my English too. I seek much information about fashion through Youtube. All about it, everything. Lookbook, fashion haul, beauty tips, fashion tips, sketching tutorial, photography. Everything! Cause fashion is not just about the clothes, right? I'm not really into certain channels, but these are 10 Youtube channels that I subscribed and keep me inspired. And I think you should check too.

1. TheLineUp (
This is my very favorite channel. This channel is owned by Julia and Maya, which are students from Sweden. They love wearing monochrome outfits, which make me think to wear monochrome, grayish, black and white outfits too. They share their lookbook, fashion haul, answer some questions, and even recipes. I love them.

2. URBANOGcom (
This channel is an official Youtube account of an online fashion store. This channel is usually guided by a woman. She shows us make up tips, beauty hacks, how to wear a certain fashion item, and even humor scenes.

3. Evelina (
This is a personal Youtube channel by Evelina. In this channel, Evelina speaks (literally) about fashion, DIY projects, and also her life. I love this channel, cause she speaks a lot. I love the way she speaks, her accent (Russian if I'm not wrong). I love her share about how to look slim in photos. And oh, I almost forget that "Evelina's fashion cafe" song for her videos' intro.

4. mightymannie (
This is a personal blog by a young girl (younger than me), Mannie for the short of Man-Yee. From her name and her face, I think she's Asian. This young girl makes me so jealous, just because... she's young! And her youtube channel is popular and really good, and she studies fashion in her college (which I can't). And she has a lot of fashionable stuffs. Oh, help me, I'm jealous.

5. Dina Tokio (
Dina Tokio is a very famous hijab fashion blogger in the world. Her signature hijab style is turban. Her Youtube channel is more about her life, with her husband. But, she has her lookbook too, which has her humor touch.

6. Ann Lee {Anneorshine} (
This channel focuses on DIY projects. There are a lot of DIY projects we can find in this channel, such as beauty, art, organizers, decoration and many others. You can find her lookbook too, of course.

7. clothesencounters (
I follow this channel not a long time ago. I haven't watched many videos, but some videos that I watched shows me that this channel has good contents. It's the same kind of TheLineUp, which I've mentioned in number 1.

8. POPSUGAR Fashion (
This is my very favorite channel too. This is an official channel by POPSUGAR TV. I love watching reality show and I love fashion, so this is the perfect combination. And the thing that makes me like this channel more, is because the host is Allison McNamara.

9. Chriselle Lim (
Like other channels I've mentioned, this channel has various contents about fashion. You can find fashion and styling tips, beauty and fitness, and even travel diaries. You should try watching this channel if you like a calm atmosphere (rather than The Line Up which is more fun).

10. HijUpCom (
Last but not least, the official channel by the first hijab online store in Indonesia (and world perhaps?). This channel may be useful for you, who use Moslem clothes daily. It's kind of advertisement for their products but in a creative way. They have some very professional lookbook for their collections. And also, what most hijabers really need, hijab tutorial.



  1. Baru tau sama youtuber diatas itu gue :)

  2. I always tell people who love to shop that they don't love fashion the way I do. They love to "shop" LOL yes, I'm always doing research and sometimes I'm like a fashion nerd.

    Love always,


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