Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Style Dark Fashion Items


Hello, how are you? As I promised you before, I will make a "mix and match" post related to the post I've published before, Dark Fashion Shopping List. So, I give you a few tips on how to style some items I took from the post.

1. Cool for College
This look is so good for your university or school activities. I think the black shoes is so school-y. To have your legs look longer, wear a pair of black jeans and also black socks. Wear a white shirt, black scarf for your hijab (or not) and a black leather jacket to have a gorgeous look, that everybody will look at you. I give a fun touch with a polka red skirt that I've posted in a post about patterned stuffs. Oh, and don't forget to roll up the ends of your jeans.


2. Make Fun of Your Dungaree
Have fun with your dungaree, girls! It's all about black, red, and white. Perfect! A lightweight red blouse will be so good for outdoor activities, especially when you add a black dungaree. Add some white accessories, like shoes and clutch to neutralize the darkness. Finish up your style with a cute cherry snapback on your black scarf to boost the fun atmosphere.

Red-Black Cherry

3. An Easy Dark Look
This look needs almost all your items in dark colors. Pick dark loose pants, dark coat or jacket or other kinds of outerwear, dark scarf, and also a cool dark platform sandals. Mix it with a white (or light) crop top. Give a simple pendulum necklace to fill the emptiness on the top. Don't take a complex one to keep it simple. A polka black snapback give more patterns to your look, but never be over-patterned!

Bold Black-Navy

So, what do you think? Is there any look you want to wear? If not, tell me what kind of look you want me to make for you! Or, tell me what kind of fashion items you need to find. Leave some comments below to make me know about your requests.



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